What Shoes Does Shaggy Wear?

Shaggy and Scooby Doo are probably the best couple costuming duo for Halloween.

But if you’re wondering what shoes does Shaggy wear, then you don’t have to wonder anymore because we’ve got you covered.

The shoes that shaggy wears are not very common and that’s why it’s hard to find those exact shoes.

You might have to rewatch the episodes and surf through the internet to find the perfect shaggy shoes for you. So let’s make things a little easier for you and jump straight into it. 

What Shoes Does Shaggy Wear? 

What Shoes Does Shaggy Wear

Shaggy from Scooby Doo wears black loafers that seem very casual and comfortable. Even in the live action movies, the brand of Shaggy’s shoes is not mentioned.

So any casual loafers would work, as long as they are black. 

Shaggy’s loafers are also comically larger, in comparison to his lean body type.

So to give your Shaggy costume a little more accuracy, you can get a bigger pair of loafers and it will look very close to what shoes does Shaggy wear in the Scooby Doo movies or the show.

You can find black loafers from literally everywhere. There are a lot of mainstream brands that sell high quality loafers so you can give them a try as well.

But they would cost you a little too much so I would suggest you to either thrift or get the loafers from your local market to save some bucks while also getting high quality goods. 

Just make sure that the black loafers you’re getting are very basic and completely plain.

Shaggy doesn’t have any ornaments or buckles on his loafers so I would suggest you go for simple loafers and you’ll easily find them in black colour. 

Shaggy’s loafers also have a little heel so if you’re comfortable with it, don’t buy completely flat loafers. Try getting the ones that have a little heel and are really large from the front and it will definitely compliment your overall Shaggy outfit. 

What Clothes Does Shaggy Wear? 

What Clothes Does Shaggy Wear

Now that you know what shoes does Shaggy wear, it’s also important to follow his attire properly to complete your look.

And to be more accurate, let me guide you through the clothes that Shaggy wears and how you can find the exact ones.

Light Green T Shirt 

Shaggy always has an awkwardly loose light green shirt on him. Shaggy also has a very lean body so you would have to get a shirt that’s two sizes bigger to get the same effect.

Also, take a picture of Shaggy’s shirt with you to the market so you can get the exact same colour because finding that colour without a reference photo could be a lot of trouble. 

Also keep in mind that Shaggy wears half-sleeved shirts so if you buy a full sleeved shirt, it won’t look anything like his character.

So, light and airy T-shirts with half sleeves are the way to go. Also, it’s better to buy them from the market because ordering online could lead to colour differences. 

Bell Bottom Pants 

Shaggy always wears bell bottom pants, although the colour varies in movies and cartoon versions of this character.

In the movies, Shaggy is usually wearing brown bell bottom pants while in animation and cartoons, his pants are either burgundy or maroon.

Like the t-shirts, Shaggy’s pants are also very loose and his shirt goes over his pants so we don’t really see his belt or anything.

But there’s a chance he wears a belt because his pants are way larger than his actual size. You can easily get bell bottom pants from malls or online. 

Blonde Wig 

In some cartoons, Shaggy is shown as a brunette and even a red head. But the original Shaggy had a very messy hairstyle with blonde hair that was at shoulder length. If you’re not blonde, you can easily get a wig. 

It’s rare to find a wig that is of the exact same hairstyle as Shaggy but once you get the wig, you can style it however you want. Try to use hairspray, gel and comb to give your wig the same look as the hair of Shaggy. 


Now that you’re clear on what shoes does Shaggy wear, and as a bonus, we’ve also told you all about Shaggy’s clothes and how you can dress up as him, we hope you won’t have any issues.

But if you do, there are a lot of market places that offer Shaggy costumes and you can look through them.

However, if you want to build your look from scratch, then you would probably have to put a little more effort on going to the mall and finding the exact clothes with the same colour and all. But we hope you have a great time dressing up as Shaggy!

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