What Shoes Does Ted Lasso Wear?

Throughout the Ted Lasso show, sneaker enthusiasts are focused on the dreamy sneakers that the lead character wears. So if you’re a Ted Lasso fan and want to dress like him for Halloween, then we’ve got you covered. 

First of all, you need to know what shoes does Ted Lasso wear in the show.

And he wears a whole bunch of them so it will take you a little more time to navigate through every one of them. So, stay with us while we walk you through Ted Lasso’s shoes.

What Shoes Does Ted Lasso Wear? 

What Shoes Does Ted Lasso Wear

Ted Lasso mostly wears sneakers from Nike in the show and these sneakers are inspired by Mr Sudeikis love for sneakers. 

In the initial seasons, the lead of the show wore his own collection of sneakers as he’s a massive sneakerhead.

So for dressing up as Ted Lasso, you can wear any trendy sneakers and it will resonate with his character as he’s worn so many sneakers throughout the seasons. 

The main lead of the show has a collection of over 250 sneakers so Ted Lasso also wore a whole lot of different shoes.

But most of them were supplied by Nike. So if you’re looking for perfect shoes for your Ted Lasso costume, then any Nike sneakers would do. But it’s better if you pick the ones listed in this article. 

You can easily get these shoes from the Nike store or online.

But if you find that any of them are out of stock or discontinued, then you don’t have to worry because a lot of online stores always have some stock in reserve so you can contact the original sellers of Nike. 

But if you don’t want to splurge a lot of money on Ted Lasso shoes, then I would recommend you to thrift these models from any local thrifting market.

Most of these shoes would be available if you look properly and you can even find retro models from Nike so that’s kind of a jackpot. 

Also, make sure that you visit the store to check your size as Nike shoes are kind of expensive and you don’t want them to be a one time wear.

So, picking the right size is very important while keeping in mind that what shoes does Ted Lasso wear.

Shoes Ted Lasso Wears in The Show 

Ted Lasso has worn a lot of sneakers in the show and we’re listing some of the best below.

You can either get these exact ones or find sneakers that look very similar to them so your costume looks similar to Ted Lasso’s character. 

Air Max 97 ‘Purple Bullet’ 

A lot of cast members of Ted Lasso are spotted wearing this pair. You can easily get this from Nike as it’s very prominent with its metallic and purple branding.

These shoes are great for jumping and high speed runs as airbags are concealed in its soles so the impact doesn’t reach directly to your feet but passes through those airbags.

This saves your feet from any sort of sudden trauma. So it’s not just a great shoe for dressing up as Ted Lasso but could also help with your foot health. 

Nike Air Jordan 1 ‘Low Mocha’

Ted Lasso wore Nike Air Jordan 1 in season 3 of the show. These sneakers are highly inspired by the 1985 Air Jordans with some new additions.

Nike Air Jordans are not just great for their design but they look very classy, perfect for Ted Lasso’s character in the show.

So next time you wonder what shoes does Ted Lasso wear, it’s anything that looks cool from Nike.

Air Jordan 1 Low SE ‘Spades’ 

Another pair from Nike, worn by Ted Lasso in the 2nd episode of season 3.

The premium white base of these sneakers give it a very old money aesthetic and these are very exclusive sneakers, not easily available to everyone.

But if you look on different stores and online marketplaces, you’ll probably find this exact pair or something close to it. 

Air Jordan 3 Retro SE ‘Muslin’ 

Ted Lasso wore Air Jordan 3 Retro SE ‘Muslin’ in episode 3 of season 3. These are highly detailed sneakers, with a lot of colours, materials and elements.

You can find leather, rubber and even suede used in the shoes that really resonate with Ted’s character on the show.

So you should definitely consider these shoes for your Ted Lasso costume as you can also wear them casually and they go with every outfit. 


So, what shoes does Ted Lasso wear? Now that you know Ted Lasso wears different sneakers from Nike throughout the show, you can pick any sneakers and it will probably work for your character.

What really makes a difference is how you style your costume.

You can find Nike sneakers anywhere, from their online stores to malls and even resellers or different market places.

Thrift shops also have Nike shoes so that’s also a great option. Just make sure that you’re picking the right size so you can wear the sneakers even after Halloween is gone.

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