What Shoes Does Ben Johns Wear?

Ben Johns is a pickleball legend and a lot of people want to be like him.

But his speed and agility leaves everyone wondering that what shoes does Ben Johns wear? Because he never seems to slip and his speed is always on point.

If you’re a pickleball player, it’s hard to find just the right kind of shoes that improve your performance.

And in this situation, you might get curious to know what shoes the professional pickleball players wear. So, stay with us while we find out more about Ben Johns’ shoes. 

What Shoes Does Ben Johns Wear? 

What Shoes Does Ben Johns Wear

Ben Johns wears On Cloud X shoes and he has even been seen playing pickleball while wearing these shoes.

A lot of other pickleball players also wear On Cloud X because these shoes are very athletic and lightweight. 

But these are also very expensive. Although Cloud X provides perfect arch support to your feet while cushioning them perfectly to prevent any impact, they still come with a massive price tag.

And if you’re a beginner at Pickleball, you probably don’t want to put so much money into just shoes. 

So, you can find shoes from local shoes that are lightweight and don’t weigh you down as much because that’s the main feature of Ben Johns shoes.

Also, look for extra grip and cushioning because that’s also very important in intense games. 

Cloud X shoes and other Nike and Adidas shoes that Ben Johns is often spotted wearing, are perfect for stability.

So, you can also go for them if you want more speed while also having good grip. 

Pickleball is also about traction and balance and Ben Johns shoes usually have great balance and superior traction.

So, now that you know what shoes does Ben Johns wear, you might be wondering how expensive these shoes are.

Well, these could cost you hundreds of dollars. But rest assured because we’ve got you covered. Stay with us to get a little know-how about the best pickleball shoes and to elevate your game like never before. 

What Shoes Should I Wear For a Better Pickleball Performance? 

What Shoes Should I Wear For a Better Pickleball Performance

You should wear athletic shoes for better pickleball performance.

But if you’re confused about which Pickleball shoes Ben Johns wears, then keep reading because we’ll be providing you with a list of the best Pickleball shoes. 

Pickleball Shoes 

Shoes that are specifically designed for pickleball are obviously going to help with your performance.

The soles usually are non-marking for pickleball shoes and they also have extra grip with cushioning so that’s what you should be looking for in a shoe. 

Also, pickleball shoes provide stability to you during performance and most athletes, like Ben Johns also prefer these specific shoes over anything else. 

Non Marking Sneakers 

If you’re more comfortable in sneakers, then you can wear those too for playing pickleball. Sneakers have a great grip and they help you maintain your balance.

So as a beginner in pickleball, sneakers could also be a good option. 

You just need to keep one thing in mind that there should be no markings on the sneakers or else, they might ruin the pickleball court.

And if you’re wondering what shoes does Ben Johns wear, then he might not be wearing sneakers but he definitely wears shoes he feels comfortable in and you should also prioritise your comfort.

Tennis Shoes 

Tennis shoes are usually very similar to your typical pickleball shoes because they also provide optimum lateral support and perfect grip.

So, if you don’t want to invest in pickleball shoes, then tennis shoes would be perfect for you. 

There are a lot of tennis shoe brands out there like Nike, Adidas but if you’re looking for something more affordable, you can check out the local stores and you’ll surely find something good of your liking. 

Cross-Training Shoes 

Cross-training shoes are great for pickleball mainly because they’re made for indoor sports and they also provide elite arch support and balance to your feet.

So even when you’re moving at great speed, you still don’t lose your control. 

Reebok makes great training shoes and they’re not very expensive either. But you can also find cross training shoes for pickleball from your local market and you might be able to save a lot of money. 


So, what shoes does Ben Johns wear? Well, he mostly wears Pickleball shoes.

And if you’re a fan and want to play pickleball like he does, then you can also get some good quality pickleball shoes so your game only gets better with comfortable shoes.

Also, it’s important to prioritise your comfort. So if someone is wearing a particular shoe but you don’t feel comfortable in it, then you don’t necessarily have to wear it.

So make sure to always pick shoes that don’t hinder your performance in pickleball. 

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