What Shoes Does Chucky Wear?

Chucky is all the rage on Halloween and even stars like Ed Sheeran dress up as Chucky to give everyone a good laugh.

But if you’re not careful with your wardrobe selection, you can end up looking like a homeless toddler instead of the infamous villain Chucky. 

Most people actually make the mistake of not picking the right shoes for Chucky and if you don’t want to make the same mistake, make sure to read till the very end.

So, let’s get straight into it and find out what shoes does Chucky wear.

What Shoes Does Chucky Wear? 

What Shoes Does Chucky Wear

Chucky wears red and white sneakers that are commonly available at local markets, Nike and Adidas. You can also paint your completely white sneakers to make them look like Chucky’s shoes. 

But the main thing is that he wears red and white sneakers that are very prominent so if you ditch these snickers, you’re fooling no one.

It’s also better if you find the kind of snickers that are a little bulky from the front as they give an impression of shoes for toddlers. 

Chucky’s character was obviously very sinister so you can add a little white paint or food colour to the white to make it seem like blood.

This will complete the whole look. When it comes to buying sneakers, it’s really easy to get them from anywhere. 

In fact, red and white sneakers are so common that you probably already have them.

But make sure that the sole of snickers is white as Chucky always wears the same snickers, red and white stripes and white sole. He also has his laces perfectly tied up so keep that in mind too.

You can buy the exact replica of Chucky’s shoes from costume stores online but if you’re feeling like being a little creative, then take out paint colours and create the exact same one, that wouldn’t be so difficult.

So, the answer to what shoes does Chucky wear, is not that difficult because his footwear is pretty simple and could be bought easily.

How To Dress Up Like Chucky? 

How To Dress Up Like Chucky

It’s really easy to dress up like Chucky because the ultimate serial killer of Hollywood is actually a kid’s doll and wears clothes that would most probably be available in your wardrobe. So, diving into it! 

Rainbow Shirt 

Rainbow shirt is a staple for Chucky. If you don’t already own a rainbow shirt, you should probably get one. The shirt that Chucky wears has full sleeves and very bright colours, that are visible from his overalls. 

You can get these rainbow shirts at a really cheap price from online stores and they’re available everywhere.

But make sure there’s no collar but a round neck because the collar could ruin the whole look. Knowing what shoes does Chucky wear also makes it really easy to match your rainbow shirt with the red on the shoes. 


Jeans overalls are the staple of Chucky. Most people already have overalls but if you don’t, get one and make sure it’s a little loose.

Then, smear red paint on it, the kind that could be washed later. Make sure that you make it look like the paint is actual blood. 

It will actually increase the overall dramatics of your costume. Overalls are available online, in Zara, Shein stores and even in thrift markets. So you wouldn’t have to worry about the prices going overboard.

Makeup And Hair 

The most recognizable trait of Chucky’s character is his face scars. He looks scary and cunning because his face is all scratched up.

And that’s what you need to get. Now you can either get scar tattoos that you can wash off, or DIY makeup and glue stuff up on your face. Just make sure that you make the scars look convincing. 

Another important thing you need to consider is Chucky’s hair. He’s a ginger, with a very unique hairstyle. So get a wig because otherwise it’s really hard to mimic that exact hairstyle.

Chucky’s wigs are available in most costume shops and online so you wouldn’t have to waste a lot of time. 


So, now that you have figured out Chucky’s entire look and what shoes does Chucky wear, we hope that you’re ready for a fully-blown dress up party.

Just make sure you don’t go overboard with the scar makeup. The placement should be the same as it is on Chucky’s face to make it look more convincing. 

And don’t spend too much money on the clothes because all of Chucky’s clothes are so common that you can get them for a couple of bucks.

If you want, you can add smears of food colouring or paint to make it look like blood and make your Chucky costume even more convincing. 

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