What Shoes Does Walter White Wear?

After Breaking Bad blew up on the internet, every other person wanted to be Walter White for Halloween or wanted to copy the rusty man style to look cool.

But this look couldn’t be completed without Walter White’s signature shoes. 

And while most people just wear regular black or brown sandals, Breaking Bad fans know what exactly Walter White shoes look like.

And to make sure your attire is more accurate for Halloween, you need to precisely know what shoes does Walter White wear. So, stay with us and let’s get straight into it.

What Shoes Does Walter White Wear? 

What Shoes Does Walter White Wear

Walter White wore Clarks Wallabees in Breaking Bad. These shoes are beige coloured and look very comfortable.

The Clarks and Wallabees shoes are based on an infamous footwear style from the 1960s. However, you should also know that getting a similar pair could be a little harder. 

Due to high demand and limited supply, these shoes are really expensive and designer shoes are not usually found off the racks. So you might have to pull a few strings to get the Walter White shoes. 

Also, you might find dupes of these shoes that look similar in thrift stores or local markets.

But if you need the real deal, then you would have to spend a lot of money on it. Walter White shoes were a major part of this character and throughout the show, he’s seen in those shoes. 

And that’s why if you show up in these shoes, everyone will immediately know that you’re dressed as Walter White. These shoes don’t really look very trendy either but for the setting of the show, they’re perfect.

Even if you’re not looking for what shoes does Walter White wear for Halloween purposes, you can still add this footwear in your wardrobe.

It’s actually going to compliment all your outfits and gives a very old money aesthetic which is what everyone is going for these days. 

If you like the overall aesthetic of Walter’s character and want to dress like him, shoes are the best way to begin and for that, you would probably need the Clarks Wallabees. 

Does Walter White Wear Designer Shoes? 

No, Walter White did not wear designer or high end shoes as his common footwear was Clarks Wallabees. Clarks is a company that’s well known for its comfortable and high-quality footwear.

And Clarks Wallabees is not typically a high-end or luxury pair of shoes but it still is very expensive and regular people can’t easily afford it. 

Walter White wore this shoe throughout the shoe as it shows the Moccasin design in footwear. But Clarks itself is not a designer or luxury brand.

It does produce some pieces that are very high quality and those pieces are sometimes sold for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. 

But despite not being a high-end fashion brand, Clarks never compromise on the quality of their footwear. It’s the reason why it’s still competing with the most expensive designer shoes out there.

Also, Clarks has recently taken some eco-friendly initiatives and is now using sustainable material to make its iconic Wallabees. 

So no, Walter White didn’t wear designer shoes on Breaking Bad and went for the classical touch.

Also, it wouldn’t be practical for a school teacher to wear designer shoes and Walter White was shown as someone who doesn’t have a lot of money. So it would’ve looked unrealistic if he wore designer shoes. 

It’s the reason why the creators went for Clarks Wallabees because this pair is perfect for someone who’s sophisticated but also not a millionaire. 

Are Walter White Shoes Expensive? 

Are Walter White Shoes Expensive?

Yes, Walter White shoes are expensive because the highest quality of leather and suede material is used in the making of this shoe.

Besides, it also takes labour and craftsmanship to create the crepe rubber sole and centre seam. 

Another reason why Clarks Wallabees, the shoes worn by Walter White are so expensive is because they’re very comfortable.

The softest material is used in the inner lining of the shoe and it feels like you’re putting your feet on a cloud. It’s the reason why most people don’t even wear socks with Clarks.

And now that you know what shoes does Walter White wear, would you be willing to spend so much money on them?

Although Clarks Wallabees are expensive, they’re the perfect investment if you want to look like Walter White or simply need a good pair of shoes for both casual and formal gatherings. 


Lastly, Walter White is a pop culture sensation and everyone wants to know what shoes does Walter White wear. So it’s fair for you to wonder the same.

And if you’re dressing up as Walter White on Halloween, then you have got to try the Clarks Wallabees because they’ll bring you really close to Walter’s character. 

But you can also find some similar pieces in the local markets, especially the ones that sell vintage stuff. You’re most likely to find a good pair for half the price.

If not, then you can always buy the Clarks because whatever people say, this pair really is a good investment as it lasts really long and is very versatile.

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