What Shoes Does Ninja Wear?

Ninjas were a pop culture sensation almost a decade ago. Everything they did or wore, became a massive trend and the Gen Z seems to be forgetting those trends. We only get to see ninjas in fancy dress competitions these days. 

And if it’s your kid’s birthday party or a costume competition, then it could be hard to guess what shoes does Ninja wear.

It’s also hard to find the exact Ninja shoes online so you need to make sure you know what you’re looking for. So, stay with us while we find out all about it. 

What Shoes Does Ninja Wear? 

What Shoes Does Ninja Wear?

Ninja wears Tabi Boots in most movies, cartoons and shows. These are historically accurate boots that are designed in a traditional Japanese way.

The sole of these shoes is not just well-balanced but also gives an aesthetically pleasing look to the overall attire. 

Most people find it hard to get Tabi boots in markets and online. But if you look for it, you could easily find it in costume shops.

Tabi boots are the most-used boots for Ninjas in comic books and even shows so they also ensure accuracy. 

Although, there are several other boots that Ninjas wear while Tabi boots still remain the most popular ones out there.

Ninjas usually wear boots that are very lightweight and that offer them good grip during quarrels. So if you can’t find Tabi boots, any lightweight boots would work. 

You can even sew your own Ninja boots at home as it’s not that difficult. You can even find DIYs for it online. But you wouldn’t have to go through all this trouble because you’re most likely to find Ninja boots to order online. 

All you need to do is look for what shoes does Ninja wear and you’ll find a lot of different options to pick from. 

All Kinds of Boots a Ninja Wears 

All Kinds of Boots a Ninja Wears 

There are different kinds of boots that Ninjas usually wear and you need to know about all of them if you want your information to really be accurate and well-researched. 

Jika Tabi Boots 

These boots are very similar to the traditional Tabi boots.

The only difference is that they contain a separate compartment for your bigger toe. There are a lot of Ninja characters that wear Jika Tabi boots. 

These boots are also used by real-life martial arts experts because Jika Tabi provide way more flexibility and agility.

So if you’re looking for something that’s very close to reality, then Jika Tabi boots would do the deed for you. 

Athletic Shoes 

The Gen Z ninjas are often depicted wearing our modern day athletic shoes.

These shoes also contain advanced features that ensure comfort along with better agility and performance.

Some Ninjas even get their athletic shoes custom-made to make sure that their shoes are suitable for their needs. 

These shoes are not really endorsed by traditionalists who like to stick to the basics and don’t want to modernise something that’s so close to their culture. 

Tabi Boots 

As said earlier, Tabi Boots are the most accurate Ninja shoes. You’ll most likely see a lot of cartoon characters and even superheroes wearing these shoes.

The roots of Tabi boots could be traced back to hundreds of years and that’s why they’re the traditional and historically-accurate choice. 

Tabi Boots are also very lightweight and they’re made from a special material that provides better grip.

There also are little to no chances of slipping when you’re wearing Tabi Boots. So when asked what shoes does Ninja wear, I would definitely answer that it’s Tabi Boots.


Not wearing any shoes is not very common but in some period films or old martial arts movies, some Ninjas were seen barefoot.

But it’s obviously not as common however, a barefoot Ninja seems way more intimidating than someone who’s wearing modern athletic shoes. 

Being barefoot also shows that the Ninja has a really close connection to nature and to his environment.

It also serves an aesthetic purpose but again, it’s a Ninja’s choice. If you feel more comfortable with Tabi boots or regular shoes, then you could go for that too, but a lot of traditional Ninjas usually like to wear Tabi boots or go barefoot. 


So, what shoes does Ninja wear? Now that you know the answer to this, make sure to rush to your nearest shop or start surfing the web because it’s hard to find accurate tabi or Jika tabi boots online.

If it’s a costume competition, you need your kid to be most accurate in everything and shoes are a very important part of all that. 

If you still can’t find Ninja shoes anywhere, then you can go for either athletic shoes option or even pick barefoot.

But things like Crocs and sneakers are definitely not suitable for Ninjas and you need to avoid them for sure. 

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