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Meet Takumi Fujiwara, the illustrious street racer from the heart-pounding “Initial D” anime and manga series.

Takumi is renowned for his outstanding driving abilities and lightning-quick maneuvers, making him a formidable force on the mountain passes of Gunma Prefecture. 

One question keeps coming up as fans follow his heart-pounding adventure through illegal street racing: What shoes does this racing genius wear to tackle the perilous roads and leave his rivals in the dust? 

We want to reveal the footwear that best compliments Takumi Fujiwara’s unrivaled racing prowess as we delve into the realm of automotive fashion, adding another layer of fascination to the captivating story of “Initial D.”

What Sort Of Footwear Does Takumi Fujiwara Favor?

Takumi Fujiwara’s choice of footwear has become a recognizable sign for followers and admirers of the enthralling world of “Initial D.”

While there are numerous theories about the specific brand of shoes he wears, the white New Balance 574 sneakers have become well-known as the “Takumi shoes” among the anime and manga fandoms. 

What Sort Of Footwear Does Takumi Fujiwara Favor?

Takumi’s nimble driving style and unwavering resolve seem to complement these sneakers’ elegant design and high level of comfort.

The New Balance 574, a traditional design from the well-known athletic shoe company, is known for both its outstanding performance capabilities and attractive appeal. 

These sneakers include a padded midsole and a sturdy rubber outsole that offer the best support and comfort during strenuous sports, making them perfect for racing, everyday use, and running.

Takumi’s decision to wear the New Balance 574 contributes to his distinctive sense of style while demonstrating his practical approach to racing.

The crisp white color scheme with modest accents oozes refinement and reflects his accuracy and dexterity while driving. 

Owning a pair of “Takumi shoes” has evolved into a method for fans to honor the racing prodigy and further immerse themselves in the “Initial D” universe as they develop a stronger connection with the character.

Beyond the fanbase, streetwear and automotive enthusiasts in the real world have benefited from Takumi’s footwear preference.

The New Balance 574 gained enormous popularity in some areas, with some fans using them as their driving shoes or as a way to make a statement in daily life. This is proof of the influence of pop culture on fashion.

It’s important to note that while the New Balance 574 is generally accepted as Takumi’s footwear of choice, some fans contend that Takumi sports a pair of ASICS or Nike sneakers that resemble the New Balance 574, which has led to amicable arguments among the fanbase. 

Regardless of the manufacturer, these “Takumi shoes” appeal is still evident, demonstrating the enduring legacy of a figure who has inspired both “Initial D” fans and aspiring racers.

So whether you’re an experienced racer, an avid anime fan, or just looking for a pair of comfortable and fashionable sneakers, walking in the “Takumi shoes” will undoubtedly make you feel like you’re a part of the “Initial D” universe and inspired by Takumi Fujiwara’s unbreakable spirit as he conquers the winding mountain passes, one drift at a time.

New Balance 574

The New Balance 574 is a classic pair of sneakers that combines fashion and utility. Its timeless appeal and adaptability make it a go-to choice for many situations, accounting for its continued popularity.

The suede and mesh upper of the 574 ensures durability without sacrificing breathability, keeping your feet cozy and well-ventilated all day.

New Balance 574

A great choice for those who lead an active lifestyle or spend much time on their feet, the midsole’s EVA foam cushioning provides outstanding support and shock absorption.

The shoe’s long-lasting rubber outsole also offers exceptional traction on varied terrain, making it appropriate for outdoor activities.

The New Balance 574 delivers stability and confidence with each stride, whether strolling through city streets or hiking outdoors.

This sneaker’s adaptability extends to its style, which easily fits in with many outfits and fashion tastes.

The 574 radiates a casual and sporty vibe when worn with jeans or chinos, making it ideal for casual parties or a laid-back day out.

On the other hand, it can add a dash of urban elegance to your appearance when worn with shorts or athleisure clothing.

The New Balance 574’s ongoing appeal stems from its usefulness and stylish style. It has captured the hearts of athletes, fashion fans, and regular people alike as a dependable and sturdy shoe. 

The New Balance 574 shows to be a superb option regardless of whether you’re a fashion-forward individual looking for the newest trends or someone who prefers comfort without sacrificing elegance.

The 574 has established itself as a classic in the footwear industry with a decades-long history. This iconic style persists despite shifting fashion trends, making it a wise investment for anybody seeking a pair of sneakers that will last. 

So whether you’re dressing formally or casually, leading an active lifestyle, or simply looking for a trustworthy and fashionable shoe, the New Balance 574 is a flexible alternative that perfectly fits your individual preferences and style.


It’s largely accepted among the “Initial D” fanbase that Takumi Fujiwara, the renowned street racer from the anime and manga series, dons a pair of white New Balance 574 sneakers. However, there may be some disagreements and wild theories in this regard.

Takumi’s personality has become associated with these timeless, adaptable shoes, which only heightens the allure of his famed racing prowess.

Takumi’s footwear preference—often referred to as “Takumi shoes” inside the fandom—has made a lasting impression on fans, streetwear, and automobile aficionados.

These sneakers are now more than just a fashion statement; they represent a bond with the universe of “Initial D” and Takumi Fujiwara’s unwavering attitude.

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