What Shoes Does Peter Parker Wear?

Peter Parker is probably the most loved pop culture icon out there and everyone wants to either dress exactly like him or at least match his aesthetic.

But the question that pops up the most in this situation is what shoes does Peter Parker wear?

You might be having a hard time to find the exact shoes that Peter Parker wears or you’re unable to focus on his shoes in the movie.

So stay here till the very end and we’ll find out the Peter Parker shoes for you. Let’s get straight into it. 

What Shoes Does Peter Parker Wear? 

What Shoes Does Peter Parker Wear

Peter Parker wears New Balance U420 RSB in white and burgundy accents.

These are retro grey sneakers and Peter Parker wore them in Spiderman; Homecoming. This exact kind of sneakers are now discontinued from the brand. 

However, you can still find them from some online stores or collectors.

It will take a lot more money to get your hands on these original sneakers but if you want to complete your Peter Parker look from Homecoming, then these sneakers are a must-have. 

There’s also another pair of shoes that Peter Parker wears in Homecoming. These are Nike J Crew Killshot 2 Sneakers in white and blue colour.

The sole is beige and has some grey accents. The design of this shoe is very decent and attractive and will give you a perfect Peter Parker casual look. 

You can also go to thrift stores to try and find the exact New Balance U420 shoes and you’ll probably get something that looks similar to them.

But casual sneakers are definitely the way to go when wondering what shoes does Peter Parker wear.

List of Shoes Peter Parker Wears in Spiderman Movies

There are a lot of different shoes that Peter Parker has worn throughout the Spiderman movies. Let’s get into it and find out what some of these are. 

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski RM Sneakers 

Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski RM Sneakers 

These sneakers in black were shown for a very brief scene but they looked really cool. The SB sneakers are skating shoes which means they’re made to be worn and torn.

Nike has specifically made these sneakers to withstand intense footwork. So, these are perfect for Peter Parker and you can get them for your Spiderman costume too. 

Nike Air Max 1 

In Spiderman Far From Home, Peter Parker wears Nike Air Max 1 in a scene where he has to move really fast.

Nike Air Max uses air pockets in its sole so the athletes can move really quick and these are really comfortable shoes.

So, if you want to be Peter Parker from Homecoming, then this pair would be perfect for you in black and white. 

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro 

Nike Air Jordans are already acclaimed in pop culture and we get to see it in Spiderman No Way Home. Peter Parker wears these shoes in a lot of scenes in a very neutral grey and crimson tone.

You can easily find this pair online as they’re pretty popular and comfortable. So apart from wearing these sneakers for Halloween, you can also wear them casually and your investment will be worth it. 

Nike Red Dunk Highs 

Tobey Maguire wore Nike Red Dunk Highs in the initial Spiderman movies and if you’re planning on wearing a costume based on Tobey’s Peter Parker, then these shoes would be a pretty great pick.

They’re from Nike so they’ll be very athletic and are a little pricey but easy to find online. 

Nike Air Force 1 High 07 LV8 

Tobey Maguire wore these sneakers in Spiderman 2002 movie while he was wearing the actual spiderman costume.

These sneakers got a lot of attention from the audiences and the closest shoes you’ll find to those are Nike Air Force 1 High 07 LV8.

Although it could be a little hard to find these shoes, you can look at online market places and stores that sell original Nike shoes and you’ll probably find a pair in good condition. Or, thrifting is also a great option. 

Nike Dunk Low Be True Villanova 

These are the shoes worn by Andrew Garfield when he played Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider Man 2012.

He wore these to the football court and a lot of other scenes in the movie also feature this iconic pair.

So the next time you wonder what shoes does Peter Parker wear, it’s mostly Nike and you can definitely shop for them if you want to go a little over budget.


Lastly, it’s not easy to find what shoes does Peter Parker wear. But if you’ve gone through this entire article, you already have so many options.

If you’re not on a budget, then getting the exact Nike shoes that these stars wore would be a great option.

But if you’re avoiding splurging a lot of money on shoes, then there are a lot of dupes in the market or thrifting is also a good idea.

You can also go for sneakers that look close to the ones that Peter Parker wore. Sneakers from any Peter Parker era would complete your look, so pick your favourite one from the list we’ve provided

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