Can You Wear Crocs on a Treadmill?

All the fitness freaks out there are always looking for comfortable shoes that they can wear on a treadmill. But nothing really works for the most part, other than sneakers and running shoes. 

But Crocs are actually breathable, comfortable and made of a cloudy material. So they’re a dream of every gym-goer. However, can you wear Crocs on a treadmill? That’s a tricky question so let’s get into it and find out more. 

Can You Wear Crocs on a Treadmill? 

Can You Wear Crocs on a Treadmill? 

Yes you can wear Crocs on a treadmill; however, all medical professionals advise against it.

In fact, physiotherapists even suggest that wearing Crocs on a treadmill can end up hurting your feet as Crocs do not provide enough ankle support. 

Wearing Crocs on a treadmill can also be a massive safety concern, especially when you’re running at high speeds and the elevation of the treadmill is also high.

There are far more chances of slipping or even bending your foot when wearing Crocs on a treadmill. 

Crocs are also designed to be loosely fitted so they’re not going to grip your feet properly and while you’re on the treadmill, there’s a chance that the Crocs slip out of your feet and you’re most likely to fall down. 

And gym goers know how horrible treadmill falls are; they’re the worst nightmare of every fitness freak.

So it’s not like you’re banned from wearing Crocs on a treadmill but you definitely should not try to pull this stunt because it’s a major threat to your and everyone else’s safety. 

There are shoes that are specifically designed for running, weight lifting and strength training and Crocs are really not one of those shoes.

Crocs don’t even provide you midfoot support and leave your ankles exposed to all sorts of injuries. 

So, can you wear Crocs on a treadmill? Yes you can, but to protect your feet, maintain your balance and to avoid any injuries, you should avoid wearing Crocs when you’re on a treadmill or simply working out at home or even doing weight lifting.

Disadvantages of Wearing Crocs on a Treadmill 

Wearing Crocs while you’re in a gym or working out might sound like a dream come true.

Crocs are so comfortable that most people feel like nothing could go wrong while you’re wearing them.

But the case is completely opposite! If you keep wearing Crocs to your gym every single day, it’s most likely to wreck your feet.

So, here are all the disadvantages of wearing Crocs that you should know about. 

Lack of Support 

As stated earlier, Crocs are only made for comfort of your feet and do not provide the kind of support that’s usually needed for doing strenuous tasks like weight lifting and running.

You can walk in Crocs but running requires a very different kind of muscle movement. So, if you’re running while wearing Crocs, your feet are most likely to suffer for a really long time. 

Sneakers, weight-lifting shoes, and running shoes have a very different and stiff sole and they cover your feet so you have perfect ankle, midfoot and arch support.

However, that’s not the case with Crocs as they leave your feet fully exposed with greater chances of injury. 

Safety Concern 

Can you wear Crocs on a treadmill? That’s the last thing you should be asking because Crocs in a gym is a massive safety concern.

Even if you’re working out at home, or your office, you still should not get on the treadmill while wearing Crocs. 

If you accidentally slip during the workout or your Crocs come off, as they’re so loosely fitted, you’ll most likely injure yourself and others around you.

So, it’s not just a safety concern for you but also for others. And if you’re wearing Crocs to the gym, then it’s a nightmare because you’re surrounded by so many machines that you’re most likely to get hit really hard if you slip due to Crocs. 


A lot of gym settings don’t even allow you to enter if you’re wearing anything other than gym shoes, or joggers.

So, the main disadvantage of trying to wear Crocs on a treadmill is that it can get you kicked out of the gym or you won’t even be able to enter. 

There’s also a chance that they cancel your membership for putting the life of others in danger too.

You might be taking it too lightly however, Crocs in the gym are really not the best idea as it can put a lot of lives at stake in case you slip.

Best Gym Shoes Other Than Crocs 

Best Gym Shoes Other Than Crocs 

There are a lot of shoes that you can wear to the gym other than Crocs.

So if you’re still wondering how can you wear Crocs on a treadmill, you don’t really have to wonder because we’ve got a list of the best gym shoes to wear on a treadmill.

And now, you can finally bid farewell to your Crocs. 


Joggers are not just comfortable but also provide great support to your feet so you can work out without worrying about any injury.

And above all, most joggers are made specifically for running and working out and they won’t even cost you an arm and a leg. 

Running Shoes 

Running shoes have a great cushioning and they also support your ankle and heels.

They also fit perfectly to your feet and are specifically made for running. So, you can easily wear running shoes on the treadmill. 

Trainers or Weight-Lifting Shoes 

You can also wear weight lifting shoes or cross trainers on a treadmill.

Weight lifting shoes also come with a hard heel and trainers usually have great arch support. So, it’s a good idea to skip Crocs and try wearing these. 


Wearing Crocs might not be the best thing to do because it really comes down to your safety so you should definitely not compromise on that.

So, can you wear Crocs on a treadmill? Yes you can but that doesn’t really mean that you should. 

There are a lot of alternatives to Crocs that you can wear on a treadmill and these alternatives are specifically designed to be worn during workouts.

So, make sure to not hop onto your treadmill with Crocs and avoid any accidents. Take care!

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