Pure Water Vs Ice Blue Crocs: Which One Should You Buy?

When finding the ideal pair of Crocs, choosing between the timeless Ice Blue design and the on-trend Pure Water design can be difficult. Both of these Crocs styles are quite comfortable. Both options provide comfort, beauty, and durability, but which must you pick? 

 Ice Blue Crocs are available in various sizes and are lightweight and comfy. They are perfect for everyday wear and are constructed of Croslite foam. In contrast, Pure Water Crocs are constructed of Croslite foam, are breathable and supportive, and are available in various colors. They are perfect for activities outside. 

In this article, we will compare and contrast the Ice Blue and Pure Water Crocs and then assist you in choosing which color and style is best for you based on our findings.

This guide will assist you in locating the ideal pair of Crocs, regardless of whether you’re going for a more laid-back and laid-back look or something more classic and timeless.

Crocs in Ice Blue Vs. Pure Water

Pure Water Vs. Ice Blue Crocs

Crocs, ah! It is a widely worn, cozy, fashionable shoe in various hues and designs. The Ice Blue and the Pure Water models are two of the most well-liked Croc types. But which fashion is superior? Let’s contrast the two.

1. Comfort

The Pure Water and Ice Blue Crocs are equally as comfy as each other in terms of comfort. While the holes in the upper of the shoe enable your feet to breathe, the molded footbed cushions and supports your feet in addition to providing support.

Although the Ice Blue Crocs provide a level of comfort marginally superior to that of the Pure Water Crocs, both models are quite comfy.

These designs also include lightweight construction, making them ideal for long-standing. Both styles of Crocs are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear for the entirety of the day. The Ice Blue Crocs are much more lightweight than the Pure Water Crocs.

2. Appearance

The Ice Blue Crocs are timeless and versatile, making them ideal for pairing with a wide range of ensembles. The Pure Water Crocs are strikingly blue, making them easy to spot in a crowded room. 

Both versions include the distinctive design synonymous with Crocs, which includes holes in the shoe’s upper part and a footbed that has been molded for additional comfort.

Regarding outward appearance, it all boils down to individual preference. If you’re going for a look that’s a little less flashy, your best bet is to go with the Ice Blue Crocs. The Pure Water Crocs are an excellent option to proclaim with your shoes.

Both of these designs are built to last because they utilize high-quality materials that are resistant to damage caused by repeated use. Although the Pure Water Crocs are slightly more robust than the Ice Blue Crocs, you can be confident that either type will see you through many years of wear and tear.

3. Price

The Ice Blue Crocs come in at a price that is a little more than that of the Pure Water Crocs. The Ice Blue Crocs can often be purchased for approximately $60, while a pair of Pure Water Crocs can be purchased for approximately $50.

However, the prices for both designs are reasonable, providing an outstanding return on investment. These shoe styles are fantastic if you value comfort and a chic appearance in your footwear.

What Are The Key Distinctions Between Ice Blue And Pure Water Crocs?

What Are The Key Distinctions Between Ice Blue And Pure Water Crocs

The color is the most noticeable distinction between the two varieties of Crocs that are available. Pure Water Crocs are a more subdued and softer shade of blue, whereas Ice Blue Crocs have a more vibrant and icy blue tint. In addition, Ice Blue Crocs have a glittering finish, while Pure Water Crocs have a smooth texture.

Ice Blue Crocs are somewhat more padded than Pure Water Crocs, delivering a smoother and more comfortable fit overall.

In terms of ease, Ice Blue Crocs are superior to Pure Water Crocs. Despite this, both varieties of Crocs are constructed out of Croslite, the trademark material for Crocs, and have the brand’s signature design.

How To Spot Fake Crocs?

Here are several telltale signs that a pair of Crocs is fake:


Logo And Branding:

Truly authentic Crocs will have a distinct logo and branding. Pay close attention to the Crocs emblem on the shoe. Check for any typos, faded or smudged text, or shoddy stitching. Counterfeit Crocs often have variations in the logo or poor-quality printing.

Material Quality:

Authentic Crocs are created with premium components, including Croslite, a proprietary foam resin. The fabric should have a strong, pleasant, and lightweight feel. It’s probably a fake if the material is thin, cheap-feeling, or has no distinctive Crocs texture.

Construction And Stitching:

Genuine Crocs are expertly built with uniform stitching and careful craftsmanship. Look for any indications of glue marks, loose threads, or uneven stitching along the shoe’s seams, along its edges, and on any logos or embellishments. Lack of quality control is a prominent sign of counterfeit Crocs.

Sizing And Fit:

Crocs come in various sizes, and the fits are usually reliable. The sizing and fit of fake Crocs may be uneven. Verify that the size labels correspond to the customary Crocs specifications by comparing them.


Although it is possible to obtain genuine Crocs on sale during sales or promotions, be wary if the price appears too good to be true. The product can be a knockoff if the price is much less than the suggested retail price.

Buy From Authorized Retailers:

To reduce the possibility of receiving a fake pair of Crocs, only purchase from authorized merchants or the official Crocs website. Avoid purchasing from unapproved or unidentified sellers, especially if they advertise steep discounts.

Counterfeiters always refine their imitations, so these suggestions might not capture all fakes. Making an informed decision should always rely on a combination of these elements.

Bottom Line

The Ice Blue Crocs come out on top compared to the Pure Water Crocs. With higher-quality materials, a thicker sole for improved cushioning, and a contemporary, streamlined aesthetic, they provide superior comfort, style, and design.

The Ice Blue Crocs are not only striking, but they are also comfortable, strong, and resilient. The Ice Blue Crocs are the better option overall because of these factors.

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