Can You Wear Crocs On Roller Coasters?

Roller coasters are all fun and games until your Crocs go flying off of the ride and hit someone in the head. And would you even be allowed to sit on a roller coaster while wearing Crocs? 

Well, a lot of theme parks take safety very seriously, which means they have some pretty tough rules for what kind of footwear you’re allowed to wear. So, can you wear Crocs on roller coasters? Stay with us and let’s find it out together. 

Can You Wear Crocs on Roller Coasters? 

Can You Wear Crocs on Roller Coasters

Yes, you can wear Crocs on a roller coaster but it’s advised not to wear them because the staff will most likely ask you to remove them before going on a roller coaster.

The reason is that Crocs are not tightly fitted so they can come loose while you’re riding the roller coaster. 

And as you’re in the air, your Crocs could actually fall down and injure someone.

And this is not even an isolated case because incidents of Crocs injuring stand byers are very common. It’s the reason why a lot of theme parks have taken the issue into consideration. 

So now, if you’re wearing Crocs, you’re asked to just remove them before going on the roller coaster. Even a place like Universal Studios doesn’t appreciate Crocs on its massive roller coasters because they obviously pose a safety threat. 

So, can you wear Crocs on roller coasters? Yes, you definitely can, if you just get the right fit and your Crocs have a back strap that could hold it into place.

Besides, there’s no hard and fast rule for footwear in most parks and if you can convince them that your Crocs won’t come off, you can wear them easily on a roller coaster. 

Also, Crocs are really comfortable for walking so most people prefer them over sandals and heels during their theme park visits.

So if that’s the case, you can surely wear Crocs but just to be on the safe side, keep a pair of sneakers with you. 

Is it Safe To Wear Crocs on Roller Coasters? 

It is popular belief that Crocs tend to fly off during rides and that’s why it is said that they are not safe to wear on roller coasters.

However, if you’re someone who wears tightly fitted Crocs with straps, you wouldn’t have any issue with this. 

Some people also believe that walking for several miles while wearing Crocs is not good for the health of your feet and it is strictly advised to not wear them for long walks.

So, if you’re wearing Crocs to roller coasters, just know that you’ll have to walk and wait a lot. 

Crocs are popular among roller coaster enthusiasts because they’re perfect for standing in lines. The cushioned surface of Crocs make them a very comfortable footwear, even if you have to stand in line for several hours. 

However, if you’re not used to wearing Crocs in your daily life, you might have a hard time wearing them for a long time in the beginning.

Besides, Crocs are meant to be worn for grocery runs, lounging or simply shopping so you feel comfortable and they’re definitely not made to be worn for a really long time. 

It might sound like a great idea to wear Crocs on a roller coaster but it’s not entirely safe and you might be asked to take it off which could be a little insulting.

And if you don’t have an extra pair of shoes in your bag, are you going to ride the roller coaster while being barefoot? So even if we put the safety angle on the side, Crocs still don’t sound like the most practical choice for anyone going to a theme park or riding a roller coaster. 

Things To Consider Before Wearing Crocs On Roller Coasters 

Can you wear Crocs on roller coasters? The answer is yes you can probably wear them if the theme park allows you to.

However, there are a few things you can consider before wearing Crocs to a theme park. These things will ensure that you get a clean chit from the roller coaster staff. So, let’s get in. 


If you’re wearing Crocs for the first time, there’s a chance that they won’t fit you well.

Especially when you order Crocs online, they don’t always come in the best fitting. And most people could never guess their size in Crocs.

So, it’s important that you go to the store and buy the perfectly fitted Crocs that have a backstrap so your Crocs don’t fly off to nowhere while you’re still riding the roller coaster. 

If you already have a pair of Crocs without a back strap, you can get a DIY done on it and get some funky straps inspired by Marvel comics or the Barbie fever.

But straps are a great way to assure the staff that the Crocs aren’t just going to slide off of your feet. 


It’s important to consider comfort when going for shoes to wear in roller coasters.

It’s because some of the most famous roller coasters are located in massive theme parks and you might have to wait in line for hours. 

In this situation, uncomfortable footwear can ruin your whole day, making it really hard for you to enjoy the actual roller coaster ride.

So, if you’re going for Crocs, it’s important to know if you’re really comfortable with wearing Crocs or not. 


If you usually wear sneakers or flip flops, then you’ll have a habit of wearing those shoes.

And if you suddenly introduce Crocs just to wear on roller coasters, then it’s gonna be a bumpy ride for you. 

Instead of trying to follow a trend, you need to see if you’re actually used to wearing Crocs or not.

Otherwise, your whole vacation would be spent trying to settle into the shoes instead of actually enjoying the experience. 


Now that you know that can you wear Crocs on roller coasters, it’s important that you pick your footwear accordingly for your next big adventure.

A lot of people don’t consider footwear while going to theme parks and roller coasters but it can actually play a key role in making your experience comfortable and enjoyable. 

Crocs are probably the most comfortable shoes you can wear so if you’re used to wearing them, then sure, you couldn’t find shoes that provide more comfort than old school Crocs. Make sure to take care of your feet and have an adventurous day!

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