Can You Wear Crocs on a Plane?

Crocs are kind of an airport staple but it’s being observed that they’re being frowned upon lately by the airport staff.

You might be confused amid all this because Crocs are probably the most comfortable footwear out there. 

But if the airport security doesn’t allow you to get into the plane with Crocs, what would you do then?

And if you’re socially anxious, this little interaction could turn into your nightmare. So, stay with us while we find out that can you wear Crocs on a plane or not. 

Can You Wear Crocs on a Plane? 

Can You Wear Crocs on a Plane

Yes, you can wear crocs on a plane however, some cabin crew advise against it, solely for safety purposes. Crocs can slow you down during an evacuation and can even result in slipping accidents.

So, it is highly advised to the fashionistas out there that they should prefer practicality over their comfort as Crocs are not the best pick for planes. 

Nonetheless, some flight attendants also believe that people should “only” wear Crocs on a plane because they’re very reliable and don’t easily catch fire.

While other shoe materials or anything made of synthetic plastic catches fire really easily. Crocs are also made in a way that they’re fire resistant so that’s another big pro. 

The debate about backless footwear was going all around the internet recently, which posed a massive question; “can you wear Crocs on a plane?” Some said that if you wear Crocs, your feet are most likely to just become ice cold which is very uncomfortable.

People pointed out that Crocs have a backstrap but they were quickly countered by the fact that Crocs have dozens of holes. 

So, if you’re someone who gets cold really easily, you should skip Crocs because as the temperature inside the plane will fluctuate, you’ll want to take off your Crocs and wear more socks.

Experts in the field pointed out that business or first class people could ignore the comfort of Crocs for once because their seats and lounges are already very comfortable. 

But people travelling in economy class need Crocs because they hardly have any space for their feet and a perfectly cushioned pair of Crocs isn’t the worst thing in the world.

An expert also pointed out that there really are no cons to Crocs because it’s the most comfortable and reliable footwear for planes. However, we’ve got a few concerning points. 

Why Should You Not Wear Crocs on a Plane? 

Crocs are great, they’re the “IT” footwear of the decade but let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want to wear it on a plane, right? And if you do, make sure to keep reading because you’re probably about to change your mind. 

Aesthetic Purposes 

If you’re wearing Crocs on a plane, most people would probably give you a side eye. So, can you wear Crocs on a plane?

You definitely can but it will make people think that you’re weird. Some even believe that Crocs are the fastest way to spot a modern-day hippie. 

So, it’s not the best impression you want to give off, especially when there are so many stylish options available out there for your perfect airport look.

Crocs might give you comfort but those instagrammable photos are only possible with a certain kind of footwear. 


Experts believe that as Crocs are loose fitted and don’t have the best grip, they pose a massive safety concern.

It’s also not safe to run while wearing Crocs so in case of an emergency on a plane, Crocs won’t help you out at all. 

It’s definitely impractical to wear Crocs, especially when it’s a threat to your safety. These incidents are very rare but you can never be too careful when it comes to safety.

It’s the reason why you should consider not wearing Crocs on a plane. 


Some flight attendants have pointed out that Crocs are most likely to fly off during sliding or evacuation because they’re very loose.

So, they could actually injure someone and you can end up losing your shoes. 

Not only this, but during long flights, where the temperature gets really cold, Crocs won’t be able to keep you warm because they’re usually backless and have openings in the front.

So, it’s very inconvenient to wear Crocs when you’re travelling on a really long flight; a couple of hours would be just fine though. 

Best Shoes To Wear on a Plane Other Than Crocs 

Best Shoes To Wear on a Plane Other Than Crocs 

Now you know the answer to can you wear Crocs on a plane. However, if all the safety and aesthetic reasons convince you not to wear Crocs on a plane, then make sure to keep reading because we’ve got a few great options for you. 


Sneakers are perfect to wear on a plane. They’re in style, compliment almost all the styles and above all, good-quality sneakers are also very comfortable.

You won’t even feel cold in sneakers and they’re great for running from gate to gate in case of an emergency. 


Loafers or any other slip-on shoes are also great for a flight. They’re closed so your feet could be safe from all the splashing water in the bathroom. And you can also run in case of an emergency quite easily. 

Close-toed Sandal 

Close-toed sandals are a great way to make your plane journey more comfortable and safer.

But if you’re not a sandal girl and want to wear heels, then you can still try wearing block heels that are comparatively safer, but not the best pick. 


Lastly, Crocs are probably the best thing that has happened to people who love comfort. But there are a lot more things that you need to consider.

If you really want to wear Crocs on a plane, then you can still do that because they obviously are very comfortable. 

However, it’s probably a good idea to consider other footwear as well because they’re just more efficient and practical.

Also, if you’re wearing Crocs, make sure that there aren’t a lot of metal decor or pins on it because that could take ages to clear from customs. Take care your feet and have a safe flight! 

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