Can You Use Crocs As Water Shoes?

Water shoes are great for all sorts of water sports but they tend to be really expensive. And to save some bucks, people often use Crocs as water shoes. But is this even safe? Well, Crocs obviously are cheaper and most people already have a pair. 

So, if you’re wearing Crocs as water shoes, you obviously won’t have to splurge as much money and can enjoy more activities on your trip. So, can you use Crocs as water shoes? Let’s get in and find out. 

Can You Use Crocs As Water Shoes? 

Can You Use Crocs As Water Shoes? 

Yes, you can use crocs as water shoes. However, Crocs are not as secure or tightly fitted as water shoes. So, they could pose a problem during some water sports.

However, you can still use them in activities like Kayaking or low-pressure sports. So, can you use Crocs as water shoes? Definitely yes! However, it’s important to understand their waterproof capabilities. You can learn more about this in our article on Are Crocs Waterproof?.”

Crocs are known for their comfort and loose fitting but in water activities, you need shoes that are tight enough to protect your feet. So, if the pressure of water is too high and you’re wearing Crocs, you might end up losing them.

On the other hand, there are several features that turn Crocs into perfect water shoes. For instance, Crocs don’t slip as much so you can easily wear them and walk near water bodies.

They also absorb moisture and dry really quick so you won’t have to wait for hours before you can finally move forward because your shoes are soaking wet. 

But that doesn’t mean Crocs are going to be your saviours when it comes to water sports and activities. Most water activities are played in really high-pressure streams and in this situation, Crocs won’t be able to protect your feet at all.

if you want to explore different Crocs options for water use, you can check out this comparison between Pure Water and ice Blue Crocs. It provides insights into their features and performance in water.

Comparison Between Crocs And Water Shoes 

People often use Crocs as water shoes because they have Crocs readily available at home and they don’t really want to spend more money on water shoes.

But some people also believe that Crocs are perfect substitutes for water shoes in a lot of ways. So, let’s compare the two and find out if the claim is actually true. 


Crocs actually help your feet breathe while they’re in water, and as do water shoes. And this similarity between the two is most important because other shoes hardly provide this. If you’re interested in learning more about Crocs and their various designs, you can visit the Crocs Official Website.

Comfort And Convenience 

Other than that, Crocs are also highly comfortable and won’t bug you while you’re performing different water activities.

Also, water doesn’t get caught inside your Crocs and even if it does, you can easily get it out. But if you wear regular shoes for your water sports, the water gets filled up inside and it’s really annoying to keep draining your shoes. 

Grip Underwater

Water shoes are also made in a way that you don’t slip while walking on the water. And most Crocs also have different patterns in the sole and are made of rubber so the grip of Crocs is pretty well too.

If you slip under water even once, it could have drastic consequences and that’s the reason why most people recommend either Crocs or water shoes for all your water-related activities. 


Water shoes are meant to be dried quickly because they’ve specifically been made to be worn under water and people could walk in them as well so they tend to dry really quick.

Similarly, Crocs also use a quick-drying formula as the material is mostly rubber. So, you don’t have to wait for several hours just so your shoes can finally dry and you can move forward. 


A lot of water shoes are made from rubber and Crocs also use more or less similar material so it just makes it clearer why most people compare water shoes with Crocs. 

However, this comparison might seem uncanny but there are a lot of things lacking in Crocs that water shoes have. 

Why Crocs Are Not Substitute For Water Shoes? 

Why Crocs Are Not Substitute For Water Shoes 

Crocs look perfect to be worn as water shoes but that doesn’t mean you can push all the precautionary measures under the rug.

There still are things that water shoes specialise in, otherwise, why would there even be water shoes? They would just call them Crocs, right? So, here’s why Crocs are not a perfect substitute for water shoes. 


Water shoes cover your entire feet to provide you safety under water. And when you’re doing activities in high-pressure waves, then you need all the protection you can get.

Also, a lot of rocks under water tend to get bumped into your feet and you gotta protect your whole feet. Crocs on the other hand have a lot of holes so you can still feel the impact of what hit you.

Also, Crocs don’t cover your feet all the way. So, they don’t really provide enough safety for water activities. 


Water shoes are meant to completely hug your feet and fit so perfectly that they don’t usually come out, even if the pressure of the waves is really high.

On the other hand, Crocs are made to be loosely fitted. So, they could be great for low-pressure waves but when the pressure is high, the first thing to run away are your Crocs.

They won’t be able to stay on your foot and would keep slipping because Crocs are really loosely fitted for the most part. 


And just so you know, Crocs and water shoes were made for very different purposes. Crocs are made for casual gatherings, lounging and stuff while water shoes are made to be worn in extreme water sports.

So, when the conditions of both shoes are so different from each other, how could their use be the same? 


Lastly, if you want, you can wear Crocs instead of water shoes by all means. However, just make sure that you’re not performing any overwhelming activities under water because that could be a threat to your own safety. 

We would recommend you to invest a little on water shoes if you can because they’re going to keep you safe under water in the long run and you won’t have to buy them again.

But if you still want to use Crocs under water, then make sure that they fit you well and are not loose. Also, take good care of your feet, adios! 

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