Can You Wear Crocs To An Interview?

People are always trying to find ways to stand out in interviews, leading to them doing some pretty quirky things. And if you’re also thinking about wearing Crocs to an interview, then you’ve landed at the right place.

Everyone wears loafers, sneakers or boots during interviews and it’s really hard to set yourself apart or actually make the interviewers notice you. But can you wear Crocs to an interview? Let’s get into it and find out more. 

Can You Wear Crocs To An Interview?

Can You Wear Crocs To An Interview

No, you should not wear Crocs to an interview because they are not formal wear.

Many attire experts advise aspirants to wear footwear that is considered professional and Crocs are not appropriate for professional interviews at all. 

 Can you wear Crocs to an interview? Yes you can but you’re strictly advised not to, if you want people to actually take you seriously and listen to what you’re saying. 

Although casual interviews are all the hype these days, that does not mean you need to ditch the classic attires and wear your lounge wear to interviews. 

There’s proper business attire for a reason and Crocs are not included in it. So, we would advise you to leave your super comfy Crocs at home.

A lot of people just want to stand out but Crocs are not the right option because you still want people to take you seriously.

When your interviewer sees you wearing Crocs, they’ll automatically start building your image in their mind and that’s not going to help you get the job.

And whatever you’ll say after that, wouldn’t matter much because they’ve made their mind about your professionalism. 

Even the offices where Gen Z and Millennials are in majority are now leaning towards a proper dress code and work ethic which was abandoned after the pandemic.

So, it’s important that you stick to a professional attire which definitely does not include wearing Crocs to your interview. 

Even if you’re interviewing for being an artist, designer, writer or whatever.

You need to make sure that the interviewer has a good first impression of you and you might come off as non-serious and messy when you wear Crocs.

Even if people don’t intentionally think of you that way, they’ll still be forming opinions about you at the back of their head. 

Why You Should Avoid Wearing Crocs To An Interview 

And now that you know you should avoid wearing Crocs to an interview, let’s break it down a bit because if you’re a Crocs lover, you might need a little more convincing than that. So, let’s get into it. 

Bad First Impression 

Interviews can make or break your career and people often say that the first impression is everything when it comes to interviews. So, wearing Crocs could give a very bad impression.

Your interviewer would feel like you won’t take this job seriously at all. 

It also gives off an impression that you were not prepared for the interview and rushed to it.

This gives the interviewer a confidence to confuse you with questions because they know that you were not prepared.

On the other hand, if you’re wearing proper boots, the interviewer will know that you’ve prepared for this interview and you’re experienced enough to know what to wear in an interview.


It is also considered unprofessional to wear certain clothes or footwear to an interview.

For instance, you won’t wear a crop top or bikini to a job interview, right? Because that’s not appropriate office wear. 

In the same way, Crocs are not appropriate to be worn in the office and you should definitely not wear them during an interview.

Or else, it can make people think that you don’t respect the rules and you’re very less likely to be hired when your first impression is unprofessional and messy. 


If you’re not putting any effort in dressing properly and are showing up at a job interview in Crocs, the employers are bound to think that you’re super lazy.

Who would want to show up in Crocs and risk their entire career?  

Well, a couch potato could do that. Even if they don’t see you as lazy, they’ll definitely think that you’re not good at following rules and it could cost you the job.

A lot of companies are now diverting from the traditional ways but still, the majority will want to have an employee who’s professional and follows rules and wearing Crocs would not give that impression at all. 

Best Footwear For a Job Interview Other Than Crocs 

Best Footwear For a Job Interview Other Than Crocs 

Crocs are the last thing that you should be wearing to a job interview.

There are a lot of alternatives that are acceptable and are considered appropriate for job interviews. So, let’s get into it and find out the best footwear for job interviews other than Crocs. 

Oxford Shoe or Brogues 

You’re most likely to see most millionaires and businessmen wearing either Oxford Shoes or Brogues because they exhibit class and elegance.

And if you want your interviewers to actually take you seriously, you need to wear something that a CEO would probably wear. 


Good old-fashioned pumps are great for every outfit and when you’re going to an interview, the pumps actually make you look a lot more professional.

Just make sure that there are not a lot of sparkles or ornaments on the pumps. 

Block Heels 

Block heels are perfect to elevate your overall look and make you look very stylish without making you look too non-serious or lazy.

The colours you pick in heels also matter a lot to make a wise choice instead of going for neon colours. 


So, can you wear Crocs to an interview? Yes you can, but you definitely should not wear them in an interview as you might stand out but not in a good way at all.

The interviewer will start judging you from the moment you walk in and they’ll build a very non serious and quirky persona of you in their minds. 

It’s better to pick something a little more professional and decent instead of just showing up in Crocs.

You need to tell your interviewer that you have passion for this job and Crocs do not say passion at all. Good luck for your interview and wear something formal, take care!

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