Do Crocs Make Your Feet Smell?

Wearing Crocs is one of several causes, including those that can cause foot odor. Because Crocs’ material is impermeable, your feet may perspire a lot when wearing them. Your feet smell unpleasant because of the excellent conditions this retained moisture creates for bacterial growth.

If you want to wear Crocs, take extra precautions to minimize foot odor, such as applying antiperspirant to your feet and frequently changing into new socks.

 Although Crocs are a well-liked shoe style, some wonder whether they cause foot Smell. If you don’t take good care of your Crocs, they may cause your feet to smell. Your Crocs may begin to smell if you don’t clean and dry them after using them, just like any other shoe. 

Do Crocs Cause Your Feet to Smell?

Why Do My Feet Smell When I Wear Crocs

Personally, I’ve worn Crocs for years and consider them to be my go-to summer footwear. My bare feet get a little sweaty on these particularly hot days, but it’s not too bad if I wear ankle socks with them. 

If my Crocs begin to smell, I find that they are quite simple to clean. You only need to clean them once every few days during the summer. The ideal substance for making Crocs durable and resistant is Croslite resin. Croslite rubber doesn’t absorb moisture. 

Thus it won’t keep your feet cool until perforations are added to the design. There are a few things that contribute to feet smelling when wearing Crocs, but there are several changes you can make to help mitigate the problem.

Why Do My Feet Smell When I Wear Crocs?

Due to the rubber used in the shoe’s construction, Crocs cause your feet to smell. This is why certain individuals wear cotton socks to lessen or stop the odor on their feet. Even though many individuals use this method, your feet could still have a strong odor.

Therefore, it is advised that you dry your Crocs thoroughly and regularly wash them after usage to avoid them making your feet smell. Additionally, you ought to clean your feet and apply deodorant to lessen the likelihood that your feet may smell when wearing Crocs.

Why Do Your Feet Sweat in Crocs?

In general, several factors can cause wet feet. Some causes are general, whereas Crocs are to blame for others. The main cause of sweaty feet with Crocs is that they are made of plastic resin. Despite having drainage holes that make them feel airy, the plastic resin may make your feet perspire.

Why Do Your Feet Sweat in Crocs

To avoid sweaty feet, you should only wear Crocs for short periods. If you plan to walk much, consider changing to more breathable shoes.

The term “breathable” refers to footwear that can dissipate heat within the shoe to avoid sweaty feet, and Crocs are made of Croslite, which prevents moisture from evaporating.

If you know the potential causes for your feet to perspire when wearing Crocs, you can avoid exerting extra effort to keep your feet dry. Here are a few of those explanations:

  • As opposed to natural materials like leather or cotton, Crocs are made of a synthetic substance that does not let air circulate as well. It is the primary cause of sweaty feet.
  • Crocs are notorious for causing excessive foot sweating because they are composed of a single giant piece of resin. The rubber material exacerbates this problem and traps the moisture your feet produce.
  • One further issue contributing to the problem is that many people wear their Crocs far too tightly, which can cause their feet to sweat even more than they normally do and lead to their feet becoming warm.
  • Crocs are made from a nonporous material called Croslite resin, so your feet will be enclosed in a hot, stuffy plastic cage even on the coolest days.
  • People’s feet contain many sweat glands, so wearing Crocs may cause them to perspire excessively.

Do Crocs Eventually Develop A Foul Odor If They Are Exposed To Sweat? 

Because the Croslite material is not designed to absorb moisture, your Crocs will become dangerously slippery if your feet perspire while wearing them. The inventor of Crocs designed footwear with teeny bumps or footbed nubs (small dots) on the shoe’s inside to gently massage the wearer’s feet and encourage blood flow. 

They prevent your feet from sliding around within the Crocs and help to keep them firmly planted. However, there is a disadvantage associated with the small nubs.

If you wear your sweaty Crocs for an extended period, they may start to emit an unpleasant odor. Because the material of the Crocs doesn’t absorb the bacteria that are creating the scent, wearing them can leave you with an unpleasant stench. 

The bacteria are present on the surface of the Croslite substance, and the small nubs provide the ideal environment for the bacteria to congregate and then spread to your feet.

One of the advantages of Crocs is that they may be worn in the water, and the fact that they are waterproof makes them simple to clean. Most bacteria and filth that trigger your Crocs to smell may be removed with water and soap. Still, it is essential to clean them completely, paying particular attention to the nubs scattered throughout.

If your Crocs start to smell, it is best to thoroughly wash them to remove the stench, which may be embarrassing, and to prevent any discomfort from the scent. The simplest method is to use a dish soap that isn’t too harsh or a mixture of baking soda and water.

How Can I Get Rid of The Crocs Smell on My Feet?

You may take various actions to lessen the scent if you have foot odor when wearing Crocs or any other type of footwear. Here are some suggestions for handling the situation:

How Can I Get Rid of The Crocs Smell on My Feet

Wash your feet frequently: Make sure to give the regions between your toes a thorough cleaning daily with soap and warm water. This aids in removing perspiration and bacteria that cause foot odor.

Dry your feet thoroughly: After washing them, ensure they are totally dry before putting on your Crocs. Moisture creates the perfect habitat for bacteria to flourish, which causes stench. Dry your feet completely with a towel or a hairdryer set to low heat.

Wear clean socks: Choose moisture-wicking socks made of breathable materials, such as cotton or wool, when wearing Crocs. These socks can aid in perspiration absorption and stop it from building up in your shoes.

Use foot powders or antiperspirants: Applying foot powders or antiperspirants to your feet before slipping into your Crocs can help keep them dry and lower the amount of bacteria that causes odor. Look for items made with foot odor management in mind.

Air out your Crocs: Take off your Crocs after each wear and place them somewhere with good ventilation to let them air out. This lessens the development of odors and helps to eliminate dampness.

Clean your Crocs frequently: To get rid of any dirt or bacteria that might be adding to the odor, clean your Crocs frequently. Either adhere to the manufacturer’s directions or gently scrub them with mild soap and water to clean them.

Consider using odor-neutralizing products: Many items, such as sprays or shoe deodorizers, can help eliminate foot odor. For optimal results, adhere to the product’s instructions.

Change up your shoes regularly: if you wear the same pair of Crocs daily, they won’t have enough time to dry out entirely. Think about rotating your shoes and letting them air out for at least 24 hours between wearings.

Practice good foot hygiene: Maintain appropriate foot hygiene by regularly trimming your toenails and keeping them clean to avoid bacterial growth. Also, avoid wearing the same pair of shoes again without cleaning or allowing them to air out.

Are Crocs Harmful To Your Feet?

Over the past few years, Crocs has been a go-to pair of shoes for numerous individuals. However, there is some disagreement about whether they genuinely benefit your feet.

Are Crocs Harmful To Your Feet

Some podiatrists assert that because Crocs don’t offer enough support, they may lead to foot issues.

Additionally, they claim that the shoes may cause arch and heel pain. Other medical professionals advise against wearing Crocs all day, every day.

It’s crucial to purchase the correct size if you use Crocs frequently and to take pauses from using them so your feet can relax.

Do Crocs Make Your Feet Hot?

Crocs are constructed from a material known as Croslite, intended to be both comfortable and breathable simultaneously. On the other hand, some people feel that wearing Crocs causes their feet to sweat more than when they wear other types of shoes. 

This is probably because Crocs don’t allow air to circulate like other shoes. If you notice that wearing Crocs causes your feet to become sweaty, you might try wearing socks with them or applying foot powder.


Although light and comfortable, Crocs have a horrible habit of making your feet smell. Your feet won’t smell terrible if you take the right precautions and ensure your Crocs are free of perspiration and moisture and properly stored, washed, and dried regularly. I’m confident that if you try the strategies above, it will be successful for you.

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