Can I Return Crocs To An Outlet Store?

Crocs are all the hype these days and you probably caved into the trend and impulsively bought a pair.

However, it’s really a deal breaker when your online order arrives and the size doesn’t fit you or the colour is too flashy for your taste.

In this situation, I wonder that can I return Crocs to an outlet store? 

If you’re wondering the same and want to return your Crocs, then you’ve landed at the right place. Don’t worry, you are not going to lose your money. Just hold on to the edge of your seat and keep reading. 

Can I Return Crocs To An Outlet Store? 

Can I Return Crocs To An Outlet Store

Yes, you can return Crocs to an outlet store within 45 days of purchase. Although the Crocs need to be in mint condition and unused.

However, if you have bought your Crocs from the Crocs website, and there’s some sizing issue and you want to return it to the outlet, then this could be a pickle. 

What you can do is simply call the Crocs store nearest to you and ask them if they accept exchanges from online purchases.

There are a lot of Crocs stores that do accept such returns. However, it’s best to confirm before going into the outlet stores to avoid any inconvenience. 

Some people also buy Crocs from third parties and try to return those at Crocs outlet stores.

That’s not going to happen either and you might want to call the seller you bought your Crocs from. But if you purchased your Crocs from the official website, and have a receipt of the purchase, then you might be able to get your money back. 

Not everyone is a Crocs kind of a person and even I have wondered at times that can I return Crocs to an outlet store? And yes you can definitely return your Crocs, but there still are some rules you need to keep in mind. 

Rules To Return Crocs To An Outlet Store 

Rules To Return Crocs To An Outlet Store 

You need to follow certain rules in order to return your Crocs and then see if your Crocs are actually eligible for a return. So, let’s check out how to return Crocs to an outlet store? 


Your Crocs need to be unworn if you want to return them. It’s not like you can just clean them up and return them.

If you have worn the Crocs, the outlet employees will know. So, if you haven’t worn your Crocs even once, then it won’t be difficult to make a return or exchange. 


Some people like to wash their clothes and shoes as soon as they arrive.

And if you’re one of those people, just know that you won’t be able to return your Crocs if you have washed them. Washing causes damage to the shoes and could result in some wear and tear as well. 

Final Sale 

Crocs that you have bought from a final sale, at a very discounted price, cannot be returned.

You can’t even exchange them and that’s why it’s said that you should buy stuff from sale very wisely. 


Crocs collections that were specifically designed for an event or for a collaboration cannot be returned either.

Whether you buy them from the store or online, there’s no option for return. Although, if one of these Crocs is defective and you received a flawed piece, then you can show them the proof and they can easily exchange it. 

45 Days Mark 

When returning your Crocs, make sure that you go to the outlet store within 45 days of your purchase. If 45 years pass and you visit the store after that, you won’t be able to get your money back at all. 

Is It Possible To Return Crocs if They Don’t Fit Me? 

If Crocs are not fitting you and you haven’t bought the right size, then I would suggest you go to the outlet store and exchange them.

You can easily get the size that actually fits you. So you don’t really have to return the Crocs just because of the sizing issue because exchange is the perfect option in this case. 

Also, I would suggest you visit the store so you can pick your size properly and see what really fits you.

People with wide or narrow feet often find it difficult to get shoes in their size. But that’s not the case with Crocs as they usually fit everyone. But if you have very wide feet, then there are relaxed fit Crocs that could fit you. 

So you don’t need to return your Crocs and just get the ones that fit you well and you’ll be good to go.

Returns are usually initiated when there’s some flaw or defect in the Crocs but you can also return your Crocs if they have a sizing issue. 

People often impulsively buy Crocs and later realise that they’ve gone way over budget.

And in this situation, you can quite easily return your Crocs and get your money back. It’s actually a good option for impulsive buyers. 

But even if you have only tried Crocs for once and have gone out while wearing them, then you won’t be able to make a return.

So, your Crocs really need to be in mint condition when you’re taking them to the store. What you can do is, make a video when you take them out so you have proof of how they arrived and whether they fit you or not. 


So, if you’ve been wondering that can I return Crocs to an outlet store, then don’t wonder anymore because you surely can.

I have listed a checklist that you need to consider when taking your Crocs to the outlet store for return or exchange. 

Besides, Crocs are great for loungewear, and for going grocery shopping or Sunday brunch.

So, if you’re returning them because you think you won’t be wearing them, then think again because Crocs are so versatile that you can definitely wear them with so many outfits.

And if they’re just not your style, then there’s always an option for return.

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