Best On Cloud Shoes For Overpronation – Buyer’s Guide

Find the Right Cloud Shoes for Your Overpronation and Experience Unrivaled Comfort and Support with Every Step. Are you sick and tired of suffering through the agony and pain that overpronation causes? No need to look any further! 

We have compiled a list of the best cloud shoes, each of which has been painstakingly crafted to treat overpronation issues while providing unmatched levels of comfort and support.

Cushioning that seems like walking on clouds will let you forget about foot weariness and welcome support that conforms to your every step. 

Our selection of cloud shoes for overpronation will transform how you walk, run, and even go about your daily life, regardless of whether you only take casual strolls, are a seasoned runner, or spend much time on your feet at work. Step into a new world of walking on air with shoes that provide unmatched support and comfort for your feet.

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best On Cloud Shoes For Overpronation

Product Name Features Price
On CloudflyerCloudTec Cushioning
Pronation Support
Stability Runner
ON CloudaceMaximum Cushioning
Responsive Ride
Luxury Materials
On CloudstratusDouble CloudTec
Long-Distance Comfort
Maximum Cushioning
ON Cloudventure PeakTrail Performance
Lightweight Design
Aggressive Traction
On CloudnovaVersatile Comfort
Everyday Wear
CloudTec Cushioning

1. On Cloudflyer

On Cloudflyer

Due to its exceptional durability and adaptability, the Cloudflyer stands out among other Cloud models and is a top pick for runners looking for a shoe that can handle both off-road and hard-packed trail surfaces. 

This shoe offers great performance and reactivity on various terrain because of its cutting-edge Helion sole technology, providing runners the confidence to overcome long distances easily.

The Cloudflyer features a deeper drop for heel strikers, which lessens the impact on the lower leg and heel and makes running more comfortable and fluid. Additionally, including a midfoot stability tube ensures that overpronation is controlled, providing individuals who require it with more support and stability.

The Cloudflyer’s design prioritizes comfort and support, intending to give users a soft but safe feeling with each step.

A customized fit is provided by the molded heel, which cradles the foot and reduces slippage inside the shoe. Additionally, the larger outsole helps to improve stability during runs by lowering the possibility of rolling or twisting.

A unique feature of the Cloudflyer for women is that it is one of the lightest stability shoes on the market, making it a top pick for female runners looking for a supportive yet light option.

The men’s version has the same great performance and durability despite possibly being a little heavier.

The Cloudflyer is the ideal running partner for those looking for extreme cushioning to lessen the impact of each step during long runs. 

You can run leisurely or steadily while sinking into the plush padding for a comfortable and stress-free experience.

A happy tester who loves the Cloudflow, the sister shoe, says the Cloudflyer is the ideal complement to their running collection. 

They were impressed with the Cloudflyer’s durability while using it for daily miles, which allowed them to reserve the Cloudflow for speedwork, park runs, and racing activities.

This demonstrates the Cloudflyer’s ability to resist the demands of consistent training, making it a great purchase for serious runners.


  • Lightweight and breathable construction.
  • Exceptional comfort and support for high arches.
  • Impressive CloudTec cushioning and sole with replaceable insole.


  • Thin laces according to some customers.
  • Not fully waterproof.

2. ON Cloudace

ON Cloudace

The Cloudace is a revolutionary new addition to the lineup of products offered by the company. It brings the brand’s unique sole technology to the moderate stability category.

The runner’s shoe features a sturdy midfoot structure that offers outstanding stability while providing responsive underfoot protection. 

This structure was designed to cater to runners looking for trustworthy support. Those who want additional assistance while running will benefit from this combination because it makes for a ride that is both smooth and pleasant.

The superb upper fit of the Cloudace is one of the shoe’s most notable qualities. This characteristic helps the Cloudace effectively lock the foot down, which is especially visible in the heel area.

This snug fit improves the shoe’s overall stability and stops unnecessary foot movement, reducing the chance of injuries sustained when running.

The extraordinary responsiveness of the shoe can be due to the foldable forefoot pods that have been integrated into the sole.

Not only do these pods contribute to the springiness of the shoe, but they also act as a late-stage counter to an excessive foot roll, allowing runners who struggle with pronation issues to have a smooth and controlled stride.

Although the responsiveness of the Cloudace might feel stronger than that of other models, the business has made intentional improvements to the design of the pods to address any apparent stiffness.

This guarantees that runners will continue to have a cushioned and comfortable ride even while the support and stability of the shoe will not be compromised.

The Cloudace is the ideal final piece of running gear for those individuals who have persistently worked on developing their hips and glutes. These individuals are the target demographic for Cloudace. 

Runners who have already worked on other areas of their form and are looking for the ultimate solution to manage their pronation effectively may find this shoe an invaluable tool because it is the brand’s most stable shoe.


  • Innovative CloudTec cushioning technology for a comfortable and responsive ride.
  • Supportive design with a pronounced arch to aid overpronation.
  • Breathable upper material keeps feet cool during runs.
  • Stylish and modern aesthetics.


  • Relatively higher price point compared to other running shoes.
  • Limited color options in some regions.

3. On Cloudstratus

On Cloudstratus

For runners with overpronation tendencies, the On Cloudstratus is a real game-changer because it provides extraordinary f support and comfort to improve your running performance.

The unique dual-layer CloudTec cushioning system, which incorporates positioned Cloud components that give tailored cushioning and impact absorption, is at the core of its design. 

With its fast energy return, this cushioning technology offers a comfortable landing with each stride and propels you ahead for a more effortless and effective run.

The shoe’s design prioritizes stability, beginning with the wide base that improves the shoe’s overall footprint and gives overpronators a stable base.

The Cloudstratus encourages a more controlled foot action with the supporting Speedboard, avoiding excessive rolling and fostering a natural gait. 

The risk of injuries and discomfort is reduced because of this combination of stability and motion control, which keeps your feet securely in place throughout the jogging session.

With a strengthened and anatomically designed heel counter that provides exceptional heel lockdown, the Cloudstratus top is similarly stunning. This feature provides additional stability during lateral motions and keeps your foot firmly in place. 

The designed mesh construction further improves the shoe’s fit, which hugs your foot closely and provides targeted support where you need it most.

Additionally, because of the designed mesh’s improved breathability and optimum airflow, your feet will remain dry and cool even during the most strenuous runs.

The On Cloudstratus is adaptable enough to manage various running activities, from clocking up significant mileage on training days to tackling brisk runs and interval training.

The Cloudstratus will be a dependable and encouraging friend, helping you improve your form, performance, and running experience, whether you’re an experienced runner or just beginning your running career.

The On Cloudstratus is a high-performing shoe meticulously made to accommodate overpronators’ demands. Every step is supported and pleasant because of its unique combination of stability, cushioning, and responsiveness. 

Everything about the shoe, from the dual-layer CloudTec cushioning to the tailored mesh top, is made to improve your running efficiency and provide you with a comfortable, controlled ride.

Accept the Cloudstratus for your training and competitions, and let it uncover your running potential while controlling overpronation.


  • Breathable upper with unique lacing configuration for a secure fit.
  • Durable construction designed to withstand high mileage.
  • Modern and eye-catching aesthetics.


  • Limited color options in some regions.
  • Traction on wet surfaces could be improved.

4. ON Cloudventure Peak

ON Cloudventure Peak

For overpronators looking for a flexible, lightweight trail shoe that doesn’t sacrifice stability or speed, the On Cloudventure Peak is the ideal option.

This shoe’s strong and responsive base guarantees a firm footing on uneven terrain, enabling you to take difficult trails confidently. It was made to handle off-road activities.

The midsole of the Cloudventure Peak is purposefully designed to accommodate overpronators, offering a medium amount of support to handle pronation difficulties successfully. 

Thanks to the precisely calibrated balance between stability and cushioning, your feet will remain cozy and well-supported during prolonged trail runs.

You won’t feel as much stress on your feet and lower legs because of the smooth ride made possible by the stability and cushioning, even on rough and uneven terrain.

The Cloudventure Peak’s MissiongripTM technology built into the outsole is striking. This ground-breaking design provides excellent traction and grip in various conditions, including slick and wet terrain. 

You can comfortably travel through muddy or loose terrain without sacrificing your speed or agility thanks to the 4mm lugs’ well-placed grip.

The Cloudventure Peak’s outsole guarantees you maintain control at every turn, whether navigating rugged ascents or steep descents.

The upper of the shoe further improves its functionality and comfort. The upper is constructed to resist the demands of trail running with tough ripstop fabric, shielding your feet from debris and unforeseen hazards. 

A secure lockdown is ensured by the exact heel fit, which reduces the possibility of slipping or discomfort during tough areas.

Your every step counts as you move easily and confidently through rocky terrain thanks to the shoe’s exact fit and overall lightweight design.

The On Cloudventure Peak is the perfect running partner whether you’re an experienced trail enthusiast looking for new challenges or a runner looking to explore off-road terrain. 

Take advantage of this trail shoe’s comfort, stability, and agility, and it will easily travel with you on every trail running adventure, from heart-pounding races to tranquil nature tours.

With Cloudventure Peak, you’ll achieve a new level of satisfaction and confidence as you easily and comfortably traverse the vast outdoors.


  • Lightweight design for agile trail running.
  • Durable with protective features for rugged terrains.
  • Excellent traction with Missiongrip outsole.
  • Breathable upper with snug fit.


  • Limited arch support, not for high arches.
  • Cushioning may feel less plush.
  • Not fully waterproof.

5. On Cloudnova

On Cloudnova

On set out to create a shoe with the Cloudnovas to offer a product that would mix performance, technology, and style in a way suitable for everyday, all-day wear. 

The Cloudnova incorporates On’s unique CloudTec technology, which the business has built to give padding and multi-directional pressure to deliver a smooth landing and punchy take-offs.

On’s pride and joy is the CloudTec technology, which the firm has used to create Cloudnova.

According to several studies, an increased amount of cushioning can protect against constant loading of the muscles and tendons, which can reduce the number of injuries that recreational runners sustain. 

It’s possible that this also means that shoes with more cushioning tend to feel more comfortable overall. However, Cloudnova is equipped with more advanced technologies than only CloudTec. Additionally, it is built with On’s characteristic Speedboard in the construction.

The Speedboard is a plate made of thermoplastic polymer injected with liquid and placed between the midsole and the shoe’s upper.

It functions in tandem with the Cloudtec cushioning system, which means that the Cloudtec soles absorb impact and compress to cushion each step. 

In contrast, the Speedboard absorbs energy, flexes, and then releases that energy to propel the wearer forward.

In addition, Cloudnova comes equipped with rubber supports that assist the natural rolling action of the foot to ensure that you continue to move appropriately. 

In addition, the roomy toe box accommodates the natural swelling of the feet that occurs after standing for an extended period.

This design not only makes you feel comfortable but also helps to assist your natural footfall. Some customers have commented that the Cloudnova is an excellent shoe and the best pair of trainers for all-day use they have ever owned. 

Cloudnova provides the technology and assistance necessary to engage in some light cardio activity, such as walking on a treadmill, if you ever have the hankering.

And when it comes to aesthetics, On has hit the bull’s eye. The Cloudnova comes in ten different colorway iterations for women and nine for men and is completely up-to-date with today’s fashion.


  • Modern and stylish design.
  • Lightweight construction for agility.
  • Breathable upper keeps feet cool.
  • Durable build for lasting performance.


  • Limited color options in some regions.
  • Traction could be improved on slippery surfaces.
  • Sizing may vary for some users.

Best Cloud Shoes For Overpronation: What To Look for

Following are some crucial things to think about while purchasing the best On Cloud shoes for overpronation:

Pronation Support: Look for footwear specifically made to accommodate overpronation. A solid midsole, a medial post, or other technologies that help reduce excessive inward foot rolling are frequently seen in these shoes.

Cushioning: To lessen the impact on your feet and absorb shock, you need sufficient padding, especially if you overpronate. Look for responsive materials like CloudTec cushioning or other materials that offer comfort and support.

Stability elements: To encourage good foot alignment and minimize overpronation-related problems, look for stability-enhancing elements like a larger base, supporting Speedboard, or stronger heel counters.

Size and Fit: It’s essential to get the right size. Ensure the shoes have enough space for your toes while keeping your heel firmly in place. Try them on while wearing the same kind of running socks.

Arch Support: To prevent overpronation and retain the natural shape of your foot, choose shoes with adequate arch support.

Durability: Take into account the design and construction methods. A sturdy shoe will endure longer and offer constant support throughout life.

Breathability: To keep your feet cool and dry during runs, look for an upper made from breathable fabrics like engineered mesh.

Traction: For trail running, choose footwear with a gripping outsole with lugs made to offer trustworthy traction on various surfaces.

Flexibility: To allow for a smooth and natural range of motion while minimizing excessive pronation, the shoe should have a good balance of flexibility.

Reviews and input: To learn how the shoe function in actual running scenarios, read reviews and feedback from other runners, particularly those with overpronation issues.

Gait analysis: To better understand your foot mechanics and identify the best shoe for your running style, consider getting a professional gait analysis at a specialty running store.

Test Run: If you can, take a quick walk or run in the shoes to judge their stability and comfort.

By considering these elements, you can confidently select the best On Cloud shoes for overpronation, ensuring you have the support and comfort you need to enjoy your running adventure.


For those with overpronation tendencies, On Cloud shoes for overpronation provide the ideal balance of stability, support, and cushioning.

These shoes effectively treat pronation issues while providing unparalleled comfort and performance thanks to cutting-edge innovations like CloudTec cushioning, supportive midsoles, and precision-engineered uppers.

You can rely on your feet to be well-supported and protected with each step, whether you select On On Cloudflyer or other top choices.

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