Best On Cloud Shoes For High Arches – (Experts Tested)

Finding the ideal pair of shoes has always been difficult for someone with high arches. Ineffective footwear can rapidly make any walk or run uncomfortable due to the effort and discomfort it causes.

Because of this, I set out on a journey to find the best on-cloud shoes for high arches. 

I looked at several options for this voyage, considering arch support, cushioning, and general comfort. After conducting considerable research and conducting my own testing, I am thrilled to share my results with other high-arched people looking for a shoe that offers the proper support and provides an exceptional walking or running experience. 

So, if you’re sick of searching in vain for the ideal fit, come along as I reveal the best on-cloud shoes designed to meet our high-arched needs. Come with me as we enter a new era of ease, support, and fluid movement!

Our Top 5 Picks For The Best On Cloud Shoes For High Arches

Product Name FeaturesPrice
ON Running Mens CloudflyerCushioned Support
CloudTec® Technology
Lightweight Design
On Cloud XLightweight
Seamless Design
ON Women’s CloudswiftCushioning Technology
Upper Material
Heel-To-Toe Drop
On CloudsurferVersatile Performance
Anatomical Insole
Reflective Details
N-Running Mens CloudSwift 3Versatile Performance
Sleek Aesthetics
Durable Rubber Outsole

1. ON Running Mens Cloudflyer

ON Running Mens Cloudflyer

Product Specifications

  • Department: Men
  • Color: Multiple Color Options
  • Brand: On

I am overjoyed with these sneakers because I have high arches. They are the perfect option for people like myself who require exceptional arch support because they were created expressly for running.

They provide amazing traction and grip on any surface, allowing me to pursue my dream of running without worrying about suffering any negative effects.

The wider outsoles and Helion super foam, which give my feet great energy back and control temperature for a comfortable ride, are notable features.

I can confidently walk or run on any surface thanks to the redesigned Speedboard and 3D-molded heel, which give me a propulsion-like experience and greater stability without adding more weight to the shoes.

The Zero-Gravity Foam and Cloud Tec in the outsole, midsole, and soft tongues make for a lightweight, shock-absorbing sensation.

Because the foam is so light—it weighs less than 200 grams—I can run or walk without worrying about wearing out my feet.

These sneakers are ideal for anyone with high arches wanting the utmost comfort and performance. They were originally made for heavy running on difficult terrains, tempo running, and short marathons.

They genuinely improve the walking or jogging experience with a comfortable 7 mm heel-toe drop, removing any concerns or pain related to high arches.


  • It has a lightweight and breathable design.
  • Provides excellent comfort and support for the high arches.
  • Excellent CloudTec cushion and sole with additional replaceable insole.


  • Some customers thought their laces were a little too thin.
  • Not entirely water-proof

2. On Cloud X

On Cloud X

Product Specifications

  • Department: Men and Woman
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: On

These On Cloud X sneakers, I have to say, are a game-changer for hot and muggy areas, especially for folks with high arches like me.

This pair stands out on the market thanks to their characteristics, including unmatched arch support.

The thorough engineering of these shoes, which guarantees top-notch support and durability with mesh upper and synthetic overlays, impresses me the most.

The design’s breathability and durability combo is ideal for those sweltering days.

The textile lining inside the shoes is a game-changer because it can drain away moisture to keep the interior of the shoes at a comfortable temperature, even when the outside temperature is unpleasant.

The dual-density insole, which I can easily modify to suit my needs, is one of the nicest features. It gives my high arches excellent support and padding, making every step like walking on clouds.

The cushioning provided by On Cloud technology is a blessing. It actively ensures I feel comfortable with every step, whether running or strolling.

My overall experience improves when my feet touch the ground thanks to the CloudTec cushion, which immediately offers extra support and grip.

Not to mention the Cloud-based sole, which keeps the shoes very light thanks to the Zero-Gravity foam and delivers great flexibility, these sneakers are an absolute need for anyone living in a hot, muggy region with high arches since they simulate walking or running with no effort.


  • True to size
  • Engineered heel cup
  • A greater degree of stability with no associated stresses
  • Lace-up closure
  • Gives high arches additional detachable insole support.
  • Additional padding is offered to support the arch and heel region.


  • Fewer Color Variations
  • A Little Heavy

3. ON Women’s Cloudswift

ON Women’s Cloudswift

Product Specifications

  • Department: Woman
  • Color: Multiple Color Options
  • Brand: On

On Women’s Cloud Swift Sneakers are positioned in the third position on the ranking list of the finest On Cloud shoes for high arches because they offer an extraordinary level of protection from the effects of impact from the ground.

This footwear has some fascinating features, such as the insoles being cushioned with extra Helion foam, and it also has side panels that provide excellent support for higher arches. 

By folding and releasing the foam, you may restore increased energy to your feet, which is an additional benefit of using this foam, which works wonderfully in maintaining the temperature.

This pair of shoes from the company offers a fitting that is true to size and an easy breaking-in process, making them ideal for individuals who adore going for medium- to short-distance runs and urban jogging with increased comfort levels.

The outsole of these shoes is what gives them their light, airy feel; it’s made with CloudTec rubber and Swiss-engineered technologies that work together to provide a cushioned experience in addition to traction, stability, and excellent grip on treacherous, wet, and greasy surfaces.

It also allows your feet to have a comfortable ride, which increases the speed at which you can walk or run.

Additionally, it relieves pressure and tension on your knees by providing a healthy bounce within your shoes, increasing the room your feet have to move around.  

Therefore, if you have high arches, you should consider adding this pair of kicks to your shoe collection.

These kicks are constructed with extreme Rocker soles, making them thicker than typical soles. In addition, these kicks have rounded heels, which provide your feet with a smooth sensation and a cozy ride.


  • Lining and an upper mesh that breathes provide comfort.
  • For improved walking and running, use lightweight padding and cushioning.
  • Signature speed-lacing system


  • A bit expensive

4. On Cloudsurfer

On Cloudsurfer

Product Specifications

  • Department: Men
  • Color: Black, Jungle Lime
  • Brand: On

Your quest is over if you’ve been looking for the ideal pair of running shoes that accommodate high arches.

This pair has certainly won me over with its remarkable characteristics geared to fulfill the demands of those with high arches like myself.

As soon as I put them on, I was aware of the structural support and additional padding, and I could feel how they were making a difference.

The lightweight CloudTec sole is a game-changer because it provides the right blend of support and comfort for high arches while incredibly lightweight.

During lengthy runs, the breathable upper mesh and synthetic overlays provide support for the shoe’s structure and ensure that my feet do not overheat and have adequate ventilation.

Because the inside lining is composed of a fabric that allows air to circulate, the general comfort is enhanced, and it is a delight to wear these shoes for extended periods.

The molded insole with the built-in arch support was the feature that struck me as particularly impressive.

Because of this characteristic, my high arches always have the support and stability they require, regardless of whether I’m walking or jogging. It’s as if someone crafted these shoes with my feet in mind.

The shoes’ great general support and long-lasting performance are largely due to the high-quality EVA midsole and the gently padded tongue.

It is abundantly obvious that the designers carefully considered every element to improve the level of comfort and functionality for those with high arches.

Nevertheless, the CloudTec cushioning technology has got to be the standout aspect of the whole package.

Each time I contact the ground with my foot, it activates itself, offering an additional level of support and responsiveness that my feet are grateful for.

Also, let’s not forget about the outsole made of cloud-based rubber, which provides longevity and dependable support and grip for my feet.

Because of these shoes, I can take each stride with self-assurance and a sense of safety.


  • Built-in support for arches.
  • Durable Synthetic materials.
  • Rubber that is thinner and more stable.
  • Great upper mesh allows for excellent ventilation.


  • Lengthy break-in procedure.
  • Limited designs and styles

5. N-Running Mens CloudSwift 3

N-Running Mens CloudSwift 3

Product Specifications

  • Department: Men
  • Color: Multiple Color Options
  • Brand: On

If you’re searching for one of the best On Cloud options for high arches, look no further.

This pair’s combination of moderate cushioning, speed, and lightweight construction has really surprised me, making it a great option for training and running.

I must emphasize how cozy and fashionable these shoes are. The re-engineered mesh top enhances the overall appearance while still offering seamless comfort.

The fact that this pair is eco-friendly and constructed with 70% recycled polyester is also something to note.

These On Cloud shoes go above and above expectations in terms of traction, steadiness, and support.

The traction pads and cushions ensure optimal stability when running or walking by providing exceptional grip.

These shoes offer the extra support required to maintain stability while moving for persons with high arches, like me.

The Helion super foam sole’s high-end technology and ultralight design are simply amazing.

Every step is more comfortable and secure because of the cushioned support and safe grip, enabling you to walk more quickly and worry-free.

The third-generation Cloud technology, which maximizes comfort and stability, is one of the highlight characteristics.

This pair is made exclusively for running and provides immediate cushioning where needed, improving the experience.

These On Cloud sneakers have won me over with their outstanding blend of comfort, stability, and lightweight design.

I strongly suggest trying this pair if you have high arches and are searching for excellent performance and support while jogging or walking. 

It has become a favorite in my collection, and I am confident it will provide you with the same comfort and satisfaction on your strenuous excursions.


  • Removable insole
  • Recycled materials
  • Moderate cushioning


  • Some customers said its bounce wasn’t all that strong.
  • The lace is somewhat thin but elastic.

Buying Guide For On Cloud Shoes for High Arches

This buying guide is designed for people with high arches looking for the best On Cloud shoes to offer the best support and comfort.

The appropriate footwear can significantly improve your overall walking or running experience by avoiding discomfort and potential injuries.

Purchasing On Cloud shoes for high arches requires you to take into account the following important factors:

Arch Support: The level of arch support in On Cloud shoes is the most important feature to consider.

Look for shoes specifically made for high arches for the most support and stability, as they frequently offer features like molded insoles and cutting-edge cushioning technology.

Cushioning: For people with high arches, adequate cushioning is crucial since it reduces impact and stress while they run or walk.

Look for the best cushioning materials like Helion super foam or CloudTec technology.

Breathability: To keep your feet cool and dry during exercises, search for shoes with breathable mesh uppers and moisture-wicking linings since high-arched feet are more likely to perspire.

Lightweight Construction: Lightweight shoes are best for people with high arches since they ease foot stress and improve overall comfort.

The lightweight design of On Cloud sneakers makes them a popular option for various activities.

Stability and Grip: If you intend to use the shoes for walking or jogging on varied surfaces, be sure they have good traction and grip.

Look for CloudTec rubber outsoles or Swiss-engineered technology for dependable support and grip.

Fit and size: A proper fit is essential for shoes of any kind, especially for people with high arches. Ensure the shoes are comfortable and have adequate area for flexing your toes.

Most On Cloud shoes fit true to size; however, it’s always advisable to try them on or refer to the sizing guide.

Eco-Friendly Models: Some On Cloud models are made from eco-friendly materials, such as recycled polyester, making them a good option for customers who care about the environment.

Durability: Consider the shoes’ general durability, especially if you use them frequently for strenuous exercises or jogging.

To ensure the shoes last long, look for high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Reviews: Read consumer reviews and feedback before selecting to gain knowledge about the comfort and functionality of the shoes from genuine people with high arches.

You can find the ideal pair of On Cloud shoes that meet your high-arched needs and offer you great support, comfort, and a pleasurable walking or running experience by considering these crucial considerations and trying on various models.


The ideal combination of support, comfort, and performance can be found in our list of Best On Cloud shoes for high arches.

These shoes are made exclusively for those with high arches and feature cutting-edge cushioning technology, arch support, and lightweight designs. 

Even in warm and muggy weather, breathable mesh uppers and moisture-wicking linings provide a comfortable experience.

Additionally, these shoes are perfect for walking and jogging on various surfaces thanks to the stable grip and stability provided by the CloudTec rubber outsoles and Swiss-engineered innovations.

Purchasing the ideal pair of On Cloud shoes for high arches will greatly improve your athletic interests and make your journey more pleasurable and pain-free.

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