Why Are On Cloud Shoes So Expensive? Reasons To Know

Imagine going on a leisurely walk in the morning and feeling like you are walking on smooth clouds. That’s the experience you get while walking with the On Cloud shoes. However, have you ever wondered why are the On Cloud shoes so expensive compared to other running and lifestyle shoes?

In this article, we have done our fair share of research and put down some interesting points that make the On Cloud shoes so expensive compared to the competitors. However, before you dive into the key reasons, let’s know a bit about the brief history of the company.

History of On Cloud Shoes

On Cloud shoes are manufactured in Switzerland, and the brand is known for producing promising shoes that make you feel like running on the cloud. Interestingly, the founder of this company, Olivier Bernhard, was a pro runner, and he knows the pain points of the athletes.

Hence, the look, feel, and finish of the shoes are more toward the athletes. It gives you a premium feel while running with the shoes.

Now, let’s look into the key reasons that make this shoe more expensive!

Key Reasons Why On Cloud Shoes Are Expensive

Key Reasons Why On Cloud Shoes Are Expensive

The On Cloud shoes are so expensive because they have impressive fabric, unique crafting done to make you look stylish, an excellent lacing system, etc. We have discussed these in detail.

Have a read below!

Impressive Fabric

The On Cloud shoes come with mesh fabric which usually cannot be seen in most of running shoes. This gives the company edge over the competitors. With mesh fabric, the runner’s feet feel more breathable, and even after long hours of running, the feet do not smell.

Sweat is completely absorbed by the shoes and keeps them healthy.

Unique And Attractive Design

Not only the feel of the shoes but also the look is very unique and attractive. Kudos to its engineering team. This shoe comes with a patented cushioning system, CloudTec, that is made of Helion Foam. This technology keeps you less tired and also keeps your heart rate in control even after running for hours.

Just like how comfortable you feel while you lay on a spring mattress, your feet feel that comfortable while running with these shoes on.

Moreover, these shoes look stunning with any outfit you wear, thus making you stand out from the crowd and grab their attention.

Excellent Sole System

If you are looking for a well-balanced shoe while running, On cloud has an excellent sole system that maintains balance even on uneven surfaces.

Excellent Sole System

Also, there is an intermediate layer made of thermoplastic polymer that is responsible for storing and releasing energy whenever you lift and press the shoes.

So, all the unique research and development that goes into manufacturing these shoes are added to the price of the shoes, thus making them more expensive.

Speed Lacing System

Unlike other running shoes, you need not be worried about the knotting. Depending on your comfort, the lace of the shoes gets adjusted to the exact fit. In fact, you can put on and take off the shoes in a snap.

If you are someone who works all day and also a distance runner, then this feature definitely comes in handy.


This feature is especially beneficial for runners/athletes. Most of the On Cloud shoes are lightweight (they weigh about 14 ounces), which almost makes you feel like you are walking bare feet.

Moreover, the air pockets feature makes the walk and running more comfortable. This feature absorbs the shocks whenever you run on hard surfaces. Hence, your feet are highly secured and protected with these shoes.

Brand Value

Most of us love to buy products from brands that have made a name for themselves over the years. The same is the case with the On Cloud shoes.

Brand Value

The manufacturers of these shoes have done extensive research on the movements, pain points, and also dynamics of the athletes and accordingly designed these shoes. Because of this reason, the brand is loved by people in over 50 countries, which speaks volumes about this brand.

Made of Recycled Materials

On Cloud has taken an environmentally friendly approach to designing its brand shoes. 70-95% of the shoe’s material is recycled material without compromising the quality of the product.

The design and construction of these shoes are trendy and on-point for anyone who loves to wear them for all occasions. 


On Cloud shoes provide consistent performance and style to the user. Now after knowing the key reasons behind manufacturing the On Cloud shoes, we hope you understand why they are so expensive than normal running shoes.


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