Where Are On-Cloud Shoes Made? – Revealed

In the fast-paced world of footwear innovation, one company has captured the attention of athletes and casual wearers with its innovative technology and stylish designs.

That brand is On-Cloud. Where these marvels of contemporary footwear are made is frequently asked because people who are into fitness and fashion continue to vouch for the quality of comfort and performance provided by On-Cloud shoes.

 In this engrossing investigation, we delve into the roots of On-Cloud shoes, finding the mysteries behind the manufacturing process of their shoes and unraveling the global trip that brings these cherished shoes to the feet of millions of people worldwide. 

Join us as we explore the interesting tale behind the invention of On-Cloud shoes, the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability, and the hands that painstakingly construct each pair step by step. We hope you can join us on this adventure.

Where In The World Are The Shoes Of On Cloud Manufactured?

Where In The World Are The Shoes Of On Cloud Manufactured

The vast bulk of this brand’s footwear is produced in Vietnam. It has seven manufacturing partners in Vietnam that it works with to make shoes and garments.

It was reported that consumers could purchase the brand in 55 countries throughout the globe by the year 2019. Even though On Cloud Shoes works with several partners in other countries for production, the company’s footwear is produced in Vietnam.

Who Exactly Is The Manufacturer Of On Cloud Shoes?

On Cloud footwear is produced by the On Holding corporation. It has become known for its expertise in producing high-performance running shoes.

In addition to its footwear production, the company also imports goods from many footwear enterprises located in Vietnam. Most of the footwear is produced in Asia, primarily in Vietnam.

On Holding has formed strategic alliances with several renowned factories in Vietnam, Germany, and Latvia for manufacturing footwear and garments. The company’s employees handcraft each pair of On Cloud shoes by the specifications provided.

To make running shoes of the highest possible quality, the makers utilize native and international premium lightweight materials. In 2010, the company began producing and selling shoes for the first time.

The construction of On Cloud Shoes incorporates recycled materials at a rate of 44%. These shoes are made of a variety of materials, including recycled stuff.

Helion foam Zero-Gravity foam Rebound rubber Polyester Polypropylene Rebound foam Rebound foam. Every pair of On shoes is expertly developed and crafted by industry professionals.

They employ cutting-edge technology, such as ultraviolet disinfection, to guarantee that the shoe is pristine.

Are Shoes From On Cloud Produced In Switzerland?


The answer is yes; On Cloud, shoes are constructed in Switzerland and Vietnam. On shoes are completely engineered in Switzerland, according to the company’s official website, and one of the most cutting-edge technologies used in the process is called CloudTec.

Zurich is the location of On Lab’s headquarters in Switzerland. There, an elite group of scientists and technicians from the corporation are toiling away to create footwear that is both innovative and superior in quality.

The On Cloud brand of footwear was first introduced in Switzerland. As a result, the first piece of footwear was produced in this country before being exported to other countries worldwide. As a result, On Cloud shoes, created in Switzerland, are frequently sold in retail stores.

Is On Cloud A Brand That’s Made In The United States?

No, On Cloud is not a brand produced in the United States. It is a brand of sporting shoes and clothing made in Switzerland. Additionally, On Cloud footwear is not made in the United States of America.

Despite this, the United States of America remains the footwear brand’s most successful individual market.

In 2010, On Cloud shoes made their debut appearance for the very first time in Switzerland. Within a few years, the company expanded its operations outside of Switzerland and partnered with many footwear firms in Vietnam.

Are On Cloud Shoes Good For Running?

Are On Cloud Shoes Good For Running

Many athletes and runners agree that On-Cloud shoes are suitable for running and believe them to be good running shoes.

On-Cloud is a well-known Swiss footwear brand that is renowned for the ground-breaking cushioning technology that it has developed. This technology blends cushioned landings with rapid take-offs.

Individual “cloud” pods are placed on the outsole of On-Cloud shoes, which give the wearer responsive cushioning thanks to the shoes’ innovative design. 

The compression upon contact provides a comfortable and supportive landing for these pods. As you move from the toe-off phase into the push-off phase, the clouds will engage, giving you a stable base from which to launch a strong push-off.

Because of their unique construction, On-Cloud shoes have built a name for themselves as being among the most comfortable and effective running footwear. Many runners enjoy how lightweight and sensitive they feel, making them appropriate for various running distances, from short sprints to lengthy distances.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that different people have different preferences when it comes to their footwear.

The type of running you do, the form of your foot, the amount of arch support you require, and your personal preferences all play a role in determining which shoe is the best for running. 

While some runners might think that On-Cloud shoes are the perfect match for how they run, other runners could be happier with a different brand or model.

It is recommended that you try on a pair of On-Cloud shoes and put them through their paces on the run to assess whether or not they are the best running shoes for your requirements. 

In addition, speaking with knowledgeable staff members at a specialty running store or visiting a podiatrist can give you helpful advice regarding selecting the running shoes most suited to your needs.


On-Cloud shoes are manufactured in Vietnam. This Swiss footwear company has won the hearts of athletes and everyday wearers worldwide with its cutting-edge cushioning technologies and chic styles. 

Although the location of the manufacturing facility may have moved over time, the dedication to quality and accuracy has not. As we’ve learned, each pair of On-Cloud running shoes is painstakingly made, fusing state-of-the-art technology with expert craftsmanship to provide a running experience like no others.

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