Can You Wear Crocs To Universal Studios?

Crocs are hyped up by every creator and influencer these days. And with ballet boots coming back in fashion, people would wear Crocs a lot more after their feet start hurting. But you can’t really just wear Crocs everywhere, right? Or can you?

Crocs are the most comfortable footwear out there, and since you have to walk so much in Universal Studios, a lot of people wonder they can you wear Crocs to Universal Studios. So, stay with us while we find it all out! 

Can You Wear Crocs To Universal Studios?

Can You Wear Crocs To Universal Studios?

Yes, you can wear Crocs to Universal Studios as the authorities have not restricted this footwear. Crocs are allowed at both theme parks and adventure lands of Universal Studios, but you might be asked not to wear them on certain rides. 

It’s because crocs aren’t as tightly fitted, and during speedy rides, they might fall from your feet and hit someone in the head.

This could cause serious injuries as well. So, keep a pair of joggers or boots with you if you’re planning on going to any of the rides. 

Also, just know that there’s going to be a lot of walking, so you need to make sure that you’re perfectly comfortable in the Crocs you’re wearing. 

For starters, you can put your Crocs to the test by walking close to 10,000 steps while wearing them, and you’ll see if you actually feel comfortable in Crocs or not.

They obviously seem like a better option than walking boots and joggers because they don’t really cause you to sweat and smell constantly. 

However, you don’t really want to invite foot aches either, so it’s better to try it out once and see that can you wear Crocs to Universal Studios or not.

Most people would actually advise you not to wear Crocs to Universal Studios because the walking is a little too much, and you might end up feeling really tired and bedridden with foot aches. 

And not just that, crocs aren’t really made to be worn for such long walks, so they’re most probably going to hurt your feet.

But if you really think you’re more comfortable with wearing Crocs in Universal Studios, then you can definitely do it by all means. 

Why Should You Consider Wearing Crocs At Universal Studios? 

Most people wear Crocs mainly for comfort because they can walk easily in the airy footwear.

However, there are a lot more reasons why people actually like to wear Crocs and not just walking sneakers. So, let’s get straight into it. 


Breathability is probably the biggest pro of Crocs. All the other walking shoes make your feet suffocated, and all the sweating and smell could be a nightmare.

Also, walking for long hours in closed shoes often causes different fungal infections, which could take several months to heal. 

So, most people opt for Crocs to let their feet breathe a little because of the holes. And you don’t even get sweaty feet. 


Universal Studios is in locations like Florida or Orlando. When traveling to these places, you need to keep the weather conditions in mind. In these areas, it’s either rain or a scorching hot summer.

So, traditional boots and sneakers would get and take hours to soak. Crocs are mostly made of rubber, so they can be as good as new within a few minutes. 

Also, there are a lot of rides like Popeye and Bluto’s Bilge and Dudley Do’s Falls so your shoes are gonna be drenched with water in these rides. But if you pick crocs, you can simply dry them out. 


If you’re planning on buying new footwear for your trip to Universal Studios, then you would have to consider the cost of items as well.

And most often, crocs are way cheaper and longer lasting in comparison to traditional joggers. So, if you’re on a budget because of your trip, it’s a good idea to consider wearing crocs, but only if they don’t hurt your feet. 

Why Should You Avoid Wearing Crocs To Universal Studios? 

Why Should You Avoid Wearing Crocs To Universal Studios

Now that you know how great Crocs are, there still are a few things you need to consider before actually deciding whether can you wear Crocs to Universal Studios or not. 


As stated earlier, crocs are restricted in some rides, so you have to keep an extra pair with yourself at all times.

The rides where your legs are dangling usually advise you to remove them before you enter to avoid any loss or injury. These restrictions mean that you’ll need an extra boot or joggers. 

Foot Aches 

Crocs could cause severe foot aches if you’re walking long distances in them for the very first time. Most people walk even 15 to 20 thousand steps in Universal Studios and Crocs just aren’t made for walking. 


If Crocs do not fit you properly, you’re very likely to get blisters. And even while walking long distances, blisters are pretty common. So, to avoid them, make sure that you’re used to wearing Crocs and get a perfect fit. 

Are Crocs Allowed in Volcano Bay, Universal Studios? 

Volcano Bay has some of the wildest rides in Universal Studios, but that also means that you might be asked to remove your Crocs.

Most rides in Volcano Bay do not prefer Crocs, and that’s why you need to keep an extra pair of shoes with you. 

But when it comes to the Volcano Bay Water Park, crocs are highly recommended because joggers and boots get wet and could make further walking uncomfortable. 

Ending Note 

Even though the answer to Can you wear Crocs to Universal Studios is “yes”, there still are a lot of ifs and buts.

If you’re planning on wearing Crocs to the theme park, make sure that you always keep an extra pair of shoes with you because you can be asked to remove your Crocs at any location. 

Just make sure that you’re prioritizing your comfort over anything, as you would have to be in Universal Studios for several hours.

And to enjoy your trip to the fullest, your footwear needs to be comfortable. So, make the decision wisely and take good care of your feet! 

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