How To Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs? (Comprehensive Guide)

Jibbitz is the funny, symbolic charms that represent your unique style to the world. You can put these Jibbitz not only on the shoes but also on your Crocs as well.

In this article, we will see how to put Jibbitz on fuzzy Crocs and remove them if you want to change the Jibbitz.

How To Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

Jibbitz are funny items that can be tried on any kind of Crocs. Especially the Fuzzy Crocs have a similar number of holes as the normal Crocs. So, you can add the Jibbitz to these holes to make your Fuzzy Crocs more beautiful.

How To Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

Right from NFL logos to your favorite cartoon characters, Jibbitz is available in multiple patterns and styles. Adding them to the Fuzzy Crocs is no big task. If you ever want to buy a complete set of customized Jibbitz for your Fuzzy Crocs, you can try buying it from the official store of Crocs.

But before you go ahead with the process, you should know that the Jibbitz are available in different types based on the installation and insertion process.

Jibbitz Original

Jibbitz Original is the first of the Jibbitz types in the market. They are also known as snaps charm. To put this Jibbitz on the Fuzzy Crocs, you need to place one hand inside the Crocs and then tilt the shoes.

Jibbitz Original

Now, use the other hand to pop the Jibbitz charm into the hole. Try to apply more pressure from outside the Fuzzy Crocs while inserting Jibbitz. This ensures that the Jibbitz properly fits into the Crocs.

With Tying Function

You just need to place the Jibbitz with the tying function on the Fuzzy Crocs holes and tilt them sideways. Now tie the ends of the Charms and push the tying ends back to the Fuzzy Crocs. You can now observe that these Charms stay over the Fuzzy lining because there is enough space inside the Crocs.

With Clipping Function

The clip-type Jibbitz can be easily placed on the Fuzzy Crocs. All you need to do is to put the Jibbitz on the hole and press the clip. You can place the Jibbitz on any other part of Fuzzy Crocs.

How To Remove The Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

Just like how you have put the Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs, you can also remove the Jibbitz from the Fuzzy Crocs to change the charms. Here is how you can do that:

How To Remove The Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs

Jibbitz Charm Original:

If you want to remove the Jibbitz from the Fuzzy Crocs, you need to place the Croc on a hard surface and then put one hand inside the shoe. Now, apply pressure from the inside and move the Charm outside.

Jibbitz Charm With Tying Function:

If you want to remove the Charm with the tying function, first, you need to remove the knot outward. These small knots need a lot of precision to untie. Once it is untied, you can pluck them out from your Fuzzy Crocs.

Jibbitz With Clipping Function:

You can remove the Jibbitz with clipping function easily from the Fuzzy Crocs. All you need to do is press them and wiggle them to remove them from the hole of the Fuzzy Crocs. Now, pull the Jiggitz slowly to remove it from the Crocs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put Croc Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs?

Yes, you can put Croc Jibbitz on your Fuzzy Crocs with any cartoon character or items of your choice. This is one of the best ways to personalize the Crocs.

How Do You Remove Jibbitz From Fuzzy Crocs?

To remove the charms or Jibbitz from the Fuzzy Crocs, you need to squeeze the top of the Crocs around the hole and loosely fold it to pull out the Jibbitz.

How Do You Put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs For Toddlers?

If you want to put Jibbitz on Fuzzy Crocs for Toddlers, you need to buy Jibbitz from the official Crocs store, as they will be able to provide exact Jibbitz that can fit in the smaller holes.

Why Do People Put Jibbitz on Crocs?

People put Jibbitz on Crocs to make sure they get a personalized look on their Crocs, and also, it looks stylish compared to the traditional Classic Crogs without any designs and Jibbitz on it.

Moreover, the users can use different Jibbitz based on the occasion, which gives them a special feel when worn.


Jibbitz is a whole new fun to add to the Fuzzy Crocs. However, it is the least expensive and one of the best ways to personalize your Fuzzy Crocs. We hope, in this article, we were able to cover in detail about putting the Jibbitz on Crocs and also how to remove them if you want to change the charms on the Crocs.

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