Best On Cloud Shoes For Wide Feet – (Experts Tested)

Are you frustrated with looking for the ideal pair of shoes that accommodate your wide feet without sacrificing elegance or functionality?

Stop searching because we have the perfect answer for you! The height of comfort and creativity, On Cloud Shoes, was created to give you the sensation of walking on clouds. 

This thorough review will examine the best On Cloud models made specifically to fit wide feet, providing a snug fit and superior support.

Prepare to bring your daily activities, such as walking or running, to a new level of delightful ease with On Cloud Shoes. 

The ideal pair is waiting for you, whether you are an athlete seeking improved performance or an urban explorer seeking unmatched flair.

So enter now to experience the height of design and comfort in On Cloud Shoes for wide feet.

Is Wide-Fit On-Cloud Shoes Available?

Yes, some On Cloud footwear is available in broad. The sneakers fit snugly and run true to size. But if you choose, you can wear them.

The Cloudflyer and the Cloudflow are available in a variety of sizes. As a result, wearing them is not problematic. The greatest options for wide feet are these.

Wide feet might present challenges. No matter how much you adore a certain pair of shoes, you won’t be able to wear them all. What matters most is comfort. Never sacrifice comfort for appearance.

Wide sizes are rare in footwear. Sizing up will usually solve the issue.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best On Cloud Shoes for Wide Feet

Product NameFeaturesPrice
On Cloudflyer 4● Dynamic Cushioning
● Lightweight Stability
● Smooth Transition
Check Price
On Women’s Cloudstratus● Maximum Cushioning
● Adaptive Comfort
● Double CloudTec
Check Price
On Cloudflow● Lightweight Design
● Flexible Comfort
● Breathable Mesh
Check Price
On Cloudventure● Mountain Adventure
● Durable Construction
● Lightweight Design
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On Cloud Terry● Lightweight Feel
● Terry Cloth Upper
● Casual Comfort
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1. On Cloudflyer 4

On Cloudflyer 4

This one is designed to be used on the road and is suitable for tempo runs; interval runs, heavier joggers, recovery runs, and running from small distances to marathons.

This pair of On Cloud shoes has some of the most substantial Cloud parts and, compared to the other On Cloud shoes, has the most cushioned tongue.

This model is ideal for individuals with broad feet because it features a bespoke Speedboard, a 3D-molded heel, Helion super foam, and a wider outsole.

How you walk or run won’t make a difference; the experience will be better for you either way.

You will feel as though the shoe is cradling your foot and will also have a midfoot stability tube that will help provide comfort and support.

Because the upper is made of ultralight-designed mesh with a unique pattern that optimizes airflow, your feet won’t feel suffocated and cramped while wearing these shoes. 

Adding CloudTec and Helion was the manufacturer’s solution to meet the demand for substantial impact protection while maintaining lightweight agility.

Even if you can’t find your socks, you won’t need to worry about your feet being uncomfortable since the inner sock mesh will keep your feet cool and dry. It just so happens that 7 millimeters is the heel-toe offset.

As a result of the built-in Speedboard, which offers responsive flex, you can enjoy transition flow.

This one is ideal for anyone with broad feet since it not only has larger and wider Cloud components that provide additional cushioning, but it also provides additional support and responsiveness, making it the perfect option for anyone with wide feet.

The memory-foam-lined V-shaped heel cap and the speedy lacing system ensure a snug and customized fit.

Because the midsole and outsole are constructed using a combination of CloudTec and Zero-Gravity, you will also benefit from excellent shock absorption.

The straightforward construction of the frame guarantees that you will have access to a comprehensive range of motion while being light on your feet.


  • Innovative design with CloudTec cushioning.
  • Lightweight and responsive for a comfortable run.
  • Supportive structure with added stability.


  • Price may be higher compared to basic running shoes.
  • Some users may find the fit requires adjustment.

2. On Women’s Cloudstratus

On Women's Cloudstratus

Because of the tendency for feet to expand during lengthy runs, distance runners require a generous amount of room in the toe box of their shoes.

The Cloudstratus running shoe from On Running has a roomy forefoot and provides the comfort, support, and dependable traction required for long-distance running.

The shoe provides a soft underfoot with full-length and maximum cushioning, making it an excellent choice for impact absorption and comfort.

When you’re ready to crank up the pace, the plastic in the midsole will give a responsive foundation for springy push-offs thanks to the springiness it offers.

In addition, the outsole of the Cloudstratus is made of a durable rubber that is incredibly sticky. This provides exceptional traction on the pavement and ensures that distance runners are always prepared for varying situations. 

In addition to being a comfortable choice for all-day use, the Cloudstratus boasts a modern and streamlined appearance.

Although it is a bit more expensive and heavier than other alternatives on our list, we believe it is a fantastic buy for a shoe that can serve multiple purposes.


  • Specifically designed for women’s fit and comfort.
  • Dual CloudTec cushioning for enhanced shock absorption.
  • Supportive design suitable for various running styles.


  • Higher price point compared to some other running shoes.
  • Heavier than some models, potentially impacting speed for certain runners.

3. On Cloudflow


The On Cloudflow is a wonderful shoe that expertly combines elegance and functionality, making it the perfect option for people with broad feet who want the highest level of comfort and versatility.

This shoe supports your active lifestyle while offering all-day wearability, whether out for a morning jog or doing errands around town.

The shoe’s design starts with a skillfully made mesh upper that is breathable and allows for good air circulation, keeping your feet dry and cool even during strenuous activity.

But the On Cloudflow stands out for its broad toe box, which gives wide feet plenty of opportunity to spread out naturally and prevents any pain or restriction.

The lightweight and responsive sensation of the Cloudflow will become immediately apparent as soon as your feet are inside, setting the tone for the rest of your experience.

Zero-Gravity EVA foam added to the recognizable CloudTec sole creates an amazing balance of comfort and mobility. 

The sole’s distinctive cloud-like pods compress with each step you take and adjust to the motion of your foot, giving you an energizing and responsive ride that helps you go forward with ease.

Quick sprints or intense workouts highlight the adaptability of the Cloudflow, whose responsiveness and superior energy return perfectly accompany your athletic pursuits.

Additionally, the shoe’s current style and color possibilities make it appropriate for formal and informal attire, instantly enhancing your look and adding a dash of modernity to your ensemble.

The shoe’s exact engineering and performance-focused design also guarantee that it will remain lightweight, robust and have outstanding traction even on different terrain.

Its versatility makes it a dependable travel partner, whether you’re tackling city sidewalks, hitting the gym, or discovering new trails.


  • Lightweight and agile design for fast running.
  • Responsive CloudTec cushioning for a comfortable stride.
  • Breathable upper keeps feet cool during runs.
  • Versatile for various types of training and distances.


  • Limited arch support, not ideal for high arches.
  • Some users may find the cushioning less plush compared to other models.
  • Sizing may vary, requiring careful selection.

4. On Cloudventure


The On Cloudventure is the ideal trail-running companion for those with intrepid spirits who love the rush of exploring the great outdoors and have broad feet.

This sturdy yet fashionable shoe offers a seamless fusion of durability, comfort, and performance and is designed to conquer the roughest terrains.

Wide feet are taken into account in the design of the On Cloudventure, which has a broader structure that provides enough room for your toes to spread out naturally, preventing any discomfort or pressure spots during lengthy off-road excursions. 

The upper of the shoe, made of a mix of tough materials and breathable mesh, creates the ideal balance between defense and ventilation, keeping your feet protected from debris while encouraging air circulation for a fresh, dry feeling.

The Cloudventure’s Missiongrip outsole is one of its most distinctive features. This high-traction rubber sole is made to perform well on various surfaces, including rough mountain routes, muddy walking surfaces, and steep descents. 

The outsole’s carefully positioned lugs and patterns provide excellent grip and stability, allowing you to stay on your feet even in slippery circumstances.

The Cloudventure will keep you securely grounded whether climbing high climbs or descending rocky slopes.

The shoe has a unique lacing system that offers a snug fit to improve your trail running experience further. This “Cloud lace” technology perfectly customizes the fit to your tastes, keeping your foot securely in place and reducing the possibility of slippage or pain throughout your run.

Although it has a tough exterior, the Cloudventure is surprisingly lightweight, which helps you stay alert and agile even on long journeys.

Additionally, the heel and toe protection padding of the shoe shields your feet from potential impacts and trail hazards, adding another level of trail safety.

The On Cloudventure is a top option for wide-footed explorers, regardless of whether you’re an experienced trail runner or someone wishing to go on thrilling outdoor adventures. 

With unsurpassed durability, outstanding comfort, and unbeatable traction to help you conquer any road you choose to walk, this trail running shoe will help you take on the wilderness with confidence.

Prepare to enjoy running off-road with the On Cloudventure, a shoe that is as daring as you are.


  • Designed for trail running with a rugged terrain in mind.
  • Lightweight construction for agility on varied trails.
  • CloudTec cushioning provides comfort on uneven surfaces.
  • Excellent traction with the Missiongrip outsole.


  • Limited arch support, may not be suitable for high arches.
  • Not designed for intense road running.
  • Higher price compared to non-specialized trail shoes.

5. On Cloud Terry

On Cloud Terry

With the On Cloud Terry, a sneaker that flawlessly combines beauty and comfort to boost your city experiences, you may enter the realm of urban exploration.

The On Cloud Terry, designed for people with large feet, gives a distinctive and stylish appeal with its soft terry cloth upper, guaranteeing you stand out while remaining at ease throughout your journey.

The shoe’s distinctive feature is its opulent terry cloth upper, which gives your look a sophisticated edge. It not only gives the Cloud Terry a unique aesthetic appeal, but it also feels snug and soft against your skin.

It is the perfect option for casual outings, city strolls, or any leisurely activity since the terry cloth envelops your feet in luxury.

The On Cloud Terry is suitable for folks with wider feet. The shoe has a broader fit that easily accommodates your foot and gives your toes plenty of room to spread naturally.

Give up the misery of crowded toes and welcome the liberating sensation of a shoe tailored to your particular foot form.

The coziness doesn’t stop there; however, The Cloud Terry benefits greatly from the CloudTec sole, a signature feature of On footwear.

With each stride you take, our cutting-edge sole technology is intended to provide outstanding shock absorption, minimizing the pressure on your joints and enhancing the lightness and ease of every movement. 

The CloudTec sole ensures that every step is deliciously cushioned, whether strolling down busy city streets, discovering obscure lanes, or taking it easy at your favorite cafe.

In addition to its warm comfort, the On Cloud Terry has outstanding durability and dependability, making it a great purchase for urban adventure.

The shoe’s robust design guarantees it will withstand daily wear and tear in cities without losing its fashionable appearance.

The On Cloud Terry is a great alternative for anyone looking for a versatile sneaker that easily switches between different activities, not simply urbanites with an eye for style.

This shoe completes your appearance, making it a wardrobe need whether you’re dressed up for a casual night out or for a laid-back weekend.


  • Stylish and versatile design suitable for both running and casual wear.
  • Lightweight and comfortable for all-day use.
  • CloudTec cushioning provides a cushioned and responsive feel.


  • May not offer as much support as specialized running shoes.
  • Limited arch support, not ideal for high arches.

Are On Cloud Shoes Good For Wide Feet?

Indeed, On Cloud Shoes work well for wide feet in general. On offers a selection of shoe types to accommodate a wide range of foot shapes and sizes, including those with larger feet.

Many of their shoes have a wide structure and a big toe box to fit wider feet easily.

The groundbreaking CloudTec sole technology used in On Cloud Shoes, which offers special cushioning and responsiveness, is well-known.

Due to this innovation, the shoes may accommodate different foot shapes, including broader feet, without sacrificing comfort or performance.

Additionally, On Cloud Shoes frequently use flexible and breathable materials in their uppers, giving the shoe flexibility and enabling them to conform to broader feet while guaranteeing proper ventilation.


On Cloud Shoes is a great solution for those with wide feet. Wider foot forms can be accommodated by their careful design and cutting-edge technologies without sacrificing style or performance.

On Cloud, Shoes give users with broader feet snug and pleasant experience with characteristics like roomy toe boxes, wider constructions, and flexible uppers.

Every stride is enjoyable because of the enhanced cushioning and responsiveness of the CloudTec sole technology.

Whether you’re an urban explorer looking for elegant comfort or an athlete looking for performance-enhancing footwear, On Cloud Shoes has you covered.

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